Modern Korean Society: Its Development and Prospect

Book Cover


Kim, Hyuk-Rae and Bok Song, eds.
Korea Research Monograph 30
2007. 257 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-086-5



1. The Contour of Modern Korean Society—1
Hyuk-Rae Kim

2. Regionalism and National Networks—16
Yong-Hak Kim

3. The Korean Stratification System: Continuity and Change—36
Hagen Koo

4. Inequality and Class Reproduction in Everyday Life—63
Wang-Bae Kim and Bok Song

5. Economic Governance: Its Historical Development and Future Prospects—79
Hyuk-Rae Kim

6. From Take-off to Drop-off?: Postwar Economic Development and Industrialization—106
Karl J. Fields

7. Family, Gender, and Sexual Inequality—131
Seung-Kyung Kim

8. Population Changes and Urbanization—158
Kye-Choon Ahn

9. Social Grievances and Social Protests against the Oppressive State—179
Dong-No Kim

10. The Making of Civil Society in Historical Perspective—205
Hyuk-Rae Kim

11. Division, War, and Reunification—226
Bruce Cumings



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