Min Yŏnghwan: The Selected Writings of a Late Chosŏn Diplomat

Book Reviews

Korea Journal

"Finch's translations provide a valuable window into the views of a member of traditional Korean officialdom at the end of the Great Han empire, as it struggled to adapt to too much in too short a time. The work should prove welcome to both researchers and general readers."
—Daniel C. Kane, Korea Journal (Autumn 2009)

Pacific Affairs

"With this aptly chosen collection of writings by Min Yonghwan (1861–1905), Michael Finch makes a valuable contribution to the scholarship on Imperial Korea…. Well researched, this book is both informative and enjoyable… Even those unfamiliar with Korean history should find this book accessible, especially as aided by the introduction that nicely contextualizes the translated texts."
—Eugene Y. Park, Pacific Affairs 82, no. 4 (2009/2010)