In the Service of His Korean Majesty: William Nelson Lovatt, the Pusan Customs, and Sino-Korean Relations, 1876–1888

Supplemental Images

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Corean coolie in position       Mr. Min and Mr. Kim, small officials

Y. Kamimura, one of Lovatt's Japanese employees, and two unidentified Japanese       Corean beggar boys

Corean coolie and pipe, along with pack and basket for carrying loose earth and stones       Tatsuta Tokusaburo, local Japanese young man and acquaintance of Lovatt

Corean boy selling barley sugar sticks       Corean boys selling fish and vegetables

<em>Wook</em> — Corean mender of tubs — putting new bands of bamboo around them       Two young Japanese women in Pusan

Japanese family in Pusan       A Corean gentleman and his servant

Möllendorff's house in Pak-dong, Seoul. (From Yur-bok Lee, East Goes West, 86.)       Henry F. Merrill at age twenty-two.

Sketch showing the location of the Customs Office in Seoul between the American and the British legations. (From Kim Won-mo, Kundae Han’guk oegyosa nyonp'yo.)       Map of Pusan showing Honmachi-dori (the location of Lovatt's house) and the Customs. (From the Japan Directory.)

Korean fishing boats, with Deer Island in the background. (Courtesy of the de Carbonel family.)       The Japanese warship Rigo kan and the steamer Chitose maru. (Courtesy of the de Carbonel family.)

Robert Hart, center, with Theophile Piry seated at far left. (From Regine Thiriez, Barbarian Lens, 71.)