The Challenge of Change: East Asia in the New Millennium

Book Cover


Arase, David, ed.
Research Papers and Policy Studies 44
2003. 404 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-079-2


Preface - vii
Contributors - ix
Introduction - 1

SECTION ONE: Postsocialist China - 15

1. Present Nationalism and Communist Power - 19
Richard Baum

2. The Revival of Chinese Millenarian Movements: The Case of Falun Gong - 38
Maria Hsia Chang

SECTION TWO: The Demise of the East Asian Developmental State - 61

3. The Heuristic Value of the Developmental State Model as Applied to Southeast Asia - 67
Danny Unger

4. The "Free Economy" and the Developmental State: The Changing Ideology and Politics of Japanese Organized Business, 1965-1980 - 91
Lonny E. Carlile

5. Japan's Developmental State in the 1990s and Beyond: Has Industrial Policy Outlived Its Usefulness? - 113
Marie Anchordoguy

6. Japan: From Miracle to Mediocrity - 134
Teruo Gotoda

7. How Japan Can Move toward a Third Major Reform - 156
Peggy K. Takahashi and Toshiya Kitayama

SECTION THREE: The Normalization of East Asian Relations? - 173

8. Hong Kong and the Challenge of Chinese Reunification for U.S.-China Policy - 178
Suzanne Pepper

9. Civil Society in South Korean Democratization - 201
Mikyung Chin

10. South Korea's Foreign Policy: A Dolphin among Whales? - 215
Kongdan (Katy) Oh

11. Sino-Japanese Relations in Transition - 235
David Arase

SECTION FOUR: History Restarted, or Deferred? The U.S. Role in Asia - 253

12. The Continuation of the Cold War and the Advent of American Militarism - 259
Chalmers Johnson

13. The Okinawa Factor in U.S.-Japan Relations - 273
Koji Taira

14. In Search of Emperor Hirohito: Decision Making and Ideology in Imperial Japan - 298
Herbert P. Bix

15. Occurrence at No Gun Ri Bridge: An Inquiry into the History and Memory of a Civil War - 311
Bruce Cumings

SECTION FIVE: A Final Tribute to Chalmers Johnson - 337

16. Functional Stories: Uses for Communist, Developmental, Military, and Individualist Ideologies - 341
Lynn T. White III

Chronological Bibliography of Chalmers Johnson's Published Works - 373

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