South Asian Language Textbooks

Until 2009, IEAS distributed language textbooks published by the Center for South Asia Studies at UC Berkeley. Orders for these books are now handled by the publications assistant at CSAS.

The following five books are currently available:

  • Introduction to Hindi Grammar, by Usha Jain (ISBN 0-94461-325-X)
  • Intermediate Hindi Reader, by Usha Jain with Karine Schomer (ISBN 0-87725-351-X)
  • Advanced Hindi Grammar, by Usha Jain (ISBN 0-944613-42-x)
  • Tamil for Beginners, by Kausalya Hart (ISBN 0-87725-352-8)
  • Devavanipravesika: An Introduction to the Sanskrit Language, by Robert P. Goldman and Sally J. Sutherland Goldman (ISBN 0944613-40-3)

To order any of these books, go to