From Leavenworth to Lhasa: Living in a Revolutionary Era

Book Cover


Robert A. Scalapino
IEAS Special Publication
2008. 212 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-092-X

This special publication is the latest in a long line of books by Robert Scalapino, founder and former director of the Institute of East Asian Studies. In this work, he describes his career spent studying Asian nations while he highlights the extraordinary experiences he had during his travels throughout Asia. He also outlines his observations on several Asian nations, most notably Japan, China, and the two Koreas, and presents his expectations and hopes for their futures. In the course of recounting his forty years at Berkeley, spent during a period of major social change in the United States, he details his adventures in teaching on campus during the Vietnam War. These memoirs bring to life Scalapino's personal recollections of family and friends at home and abroad, with many an amusing tale. The book ends with "cautiously optimistic" reflections on our times.


Preface — vii

1. The Early Years — 1

2. Eighteen Months in the Pacific—Then Back to Academia — 15

3. Live in Berkeley during the Turbulent Years and Beyond — 38

4. Interacting with Japan through the Years — 57

5. China—the Opening Stages — 71

6. My Involvement with a Rising China — 90

7. The Two Koreas—Saga of a Divided Nation — 107

8. Exploring the Peripheries of Northeast Asia — 128

9. Indochina—Personal Experience and Reflections on the Past and Future — 144

10. Into the Heartland of Southeast Asia — 161

11. Exploring South Asia through the Years — 178

12. Reflections on our Times — 190

Index — 199

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