Japan in the Twentieth Century: International Perspectives

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Japan in the Twentieth Century: International Perspectives book cover

Prindle, Tamae K., ed.
Number 3
1999. 101 pp.
ISBN 0-9630254-2-X


Contributors – vii

Introduction: Japan in the Twentieth Century – 1
Tamae K. Prindle

1. Twentieth-century Japan as Spearheaded by Tokyo – 4
Toru Haga

2. A Second Chance: Sato Naotake, the League of Nations, and the United Nations – 9
Greg Gubler

3. Japanese Militarism: Western Myths, Local Realities – 25
Stewart Lone

4. The Enemy as "Other": Japanese and American Visual Propaganda of the Pacific Campaign – 37
Nancy Brcak and John R. Pavia

5. The Making of "Japanese-style Management": Imitation, Innovation, and Cultural Change – 55
William M. Tsutsui

6. Japanese Transnationals and American Grassroots Organizations at a Crossroads – 76
Tomoji Ishi

7. Self-Sacrificing Mothers or Frustrated Mothers? A Paradigm Shift of Motherhood – 85
Tamae K. Prindle

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