Student Support

Call for Proposals: IEAS Graduate Student Research Groups

The Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS) is pleased to announce the availability of funding for interdisciplinary student research groups for 2008. The objectives of the awards are to encourage the organization of intellectual communities among graduate students and to facilitate interdisciplinary conversations. Faculty members are not excluded from participation should the student organizers so desire. We expect to fund up to three groups on a competitive basis for spring 2008.

Each student research group will receive $1,250 per semester, provided that the group meets at least three times per semester to share research and explore innovative topics in East and/or Southeast Asian studies. Student research groups taking up comparative and/or interdisciplinary topics cutting across national and/or regional divides either within or between East and Southeast Asia are particularly welcome.

Funding may be used for any purpose allowed by university policy, including travel expenses, accommodations, or honoraria for invited speakers, refreshments, equipment rental, or other legitimate organized research-related expenses. Student research groups are encouraged, however, to coordinate with the various Centers and the Institute when inviting out-of-town speakers. The goal of the research groups is to facilitate dialogues across fields or disciplines and to nurture intellectual communities among Berkeley graduate students and doctoral candidates as they engage in individual projects.

Each research group should be led by at least two graduate students or doctoral candidates specializing in aspects of East or Southeast Asian studies who will be responsible assembling a group of at least six fellow students (preferably from two or more disciplines) to meet at least three times per semester. Proposals should include a 1-2 page narrative on the themes and topics to be explored, including an indication of their significance, and ideas of how members of the proposed research group may benefit from interdisciplinary interactions. Proposals in the socials sciences, humanities, and other disciplines or schools are equally encouraged. Students may use the workshops for presenting their findings and for critiquing each others' work.

Guidelines and Eligibility

Funding is available to currently registered UC Berkeley graduates students and doctoral candidates and will be paid as reimbursements for expenses (thus non-taxable).

For consideration for the 2008 competition, the following materials should be submitted by Wednesday, February 27, 2008.

  1. 1-2 page narrative of proposed theme or topic of group meetings, including significance and notable approaches
  2. An itemized budget (e.g. refreshments, Xeroxing, travel, honoraria, etc.) indicating the amount that is being requested and the intended purpose
  3. Preliminary meeting schedule, either for one or two semesters (including summer)
  4. Names of potential student participants
  5. One letter of recommendation from the major professor of one of the principal organizers

Please email applications to Dylan Davis, Associate Director, Institute of East Asian Studies, by Wednesday, February 27. He is also available to answer any questions by email, or at 642-2815. Applicants will be notified of results by March 3, 2008.