K-12 Connections

K-12 Lesson Plans

Grades 5 6

Ancient Chinese Visual Arts (A. Conte)

Math and Science
Coordinate Plane: Tessellations (V. Lam)
Ratios and the Art of Mogao (B. Bergen)
Earth Science and Weathering (T. Pineda)

Social Science
Buddhism and Meditation at the Mogao Caves (M. Ruiz-Gaytan)
Mock Trial Cultural Artifacts and Historical Preservation (E. Lathrop)
Silk Road and Exploration (J. Lopez)

Grades 7 - 8

Computer Animation
Making a Multi-Class Animation Project using Mogao Cave Art (S. Pomeroy)
      Project Nine Colored Deer

Writing and Analysis using Art of the Silk Road (A. McCoy)

Social Science
Ancient China Art, History and Culture (E. Arias)

Grades 6 8

All Subjects
Schoolwide Collaboration Dunhuang Cave Day (S. Manley)

Grades 9 - 12

Art/Art History Study of Buddhist Caves (N. Ramon)
Connecting Cultures through Sign Language and Religious Gestures (C. Steinman)
Cultural Presentations in World Languages (G. Wang)
Gender and Culture: Symbols and Stories (C. Hernandez)
Studio Art Borrowing from Dunhuang Bodhisattvas (A. Bouse)
Symmetry and Symbolism: Mandalas of the Mogao Caves (J. Lee)
      Project Mandalas
Visual Arts Landscape and Spiritual Experience (D. Hamby)
Wall Paintings as a Source of Literary Short Stories (K. Mogan)

Math and Science
Algebra II Effects of Tourism on Population Growth (T. Hee)
Geometry - Surface Area of a Compound Solid (O. Koroleva)

Social Science
Balancing Economic Growth and Community (K. Theriault)
Buddhism and Trading on the Silk Road (G. Shaw-Hawkins)
Buddhism and Its Spread Along the Silk Road (M. Herrera)
Economics of Globalization (E. Ennis)
Life Along the Silk Road (H. Espada)
Women in Ancient and Modern China (I. Morales)
World History Religion (M. O.Malley)