Resources for Faculty Sponsors

Faculty Sponsor Guidelines

In order to act as a faculty sponsor for a visiting scholar or visiting student researcher, we ask that our faculty members please observe the following: 

1. In choosing to host a scholar, please consider the following:

  1. Does the scholar meet the prerequisites in order to be considered for visiting scholar/student status at CCS?
  2. Will the faculty member be on sabbatical leave or otherwise preoccupied during the scholars proposed affiliation dates? 
  3. Request copies of research proposals, CVs, and anything else you feel will be helpful in deciding whether or not the sponsorship is a good fit for the faculty member and their time commitments.

2. Faculty members must provide a letter of support by directly emailing from their email, addressing the following questions:

  1. Your relationship to the applicant
  2. Why you would like to act as the faculty sponsor
  3. How you feel the applicant and their proposed research objective will contribute to the CCS research community
  4. The extent of your involvement with the applicant's purposed activity while at Berkeley
  5. Any additional comments you feel will help strengthen the applicant's application. 

Frequently Asked Questions


A scholar/student who I have agreed to sponsor is requesting an invitation letter, what should I do? 

The Center for Chinese Studies will issue the official invitation letter after the scholar/student's application has been reviewed and approved by the executive committee. The executive committee will only review applications following one of the two application deadlines (March 15th and July 15th).

Given this, we advise that faculty sponsors make sure to clarify with the applicant that their official invitation to CCS as a visiting scholar/student is contingent upon final approval by the Center for Chinese Studies. 

If a scholar requests an invitation letter because they need to meet an external funding agency's application deadline, please be advised that the Center for Chinese Studies no longer accepts funding documents up front. This was decided as a means to give applicants enough time to apply to and receive application results from CCS in advance of any external funding agency's application deadlines and had been noted in the application procedures section of our website.

I was contacted by a post-doc regarding acting as a sponsor for visiting scholar affiliation, can I sponsor this scholar?

Please have the applicant reach out to to further discuss eligibility before applying.


A scholar/student whom I am unfamiliar with has requested to audit my class, what are my options?

The Center for Chinese Studies has a directory of all current visiting scholars listed on our website. If you do not see the scholar on this page, you may reach out to to inquire about the scholars status, if any, at the Center for Chinese Studies. Due to our privacy policy, we cannot provide any additional information about the scholar/student other than to state that the scholar is or is not affiliated with our Center. 

Although we appreciate our faculty's commitment to visiting scholar/student involvement with the Berkeley research community, our visiting scholars/students apply to the Center of Chinese Studies with the knowledge that they are expected to conduct independent research while at Berkeley unless otherwise specified. Thus, faculty members are not obligated under any circumstances to permit visiting scholars/students to audit any of their classes. 

Additionally, if a faculty member would like to allow a scholar/student to audit their class, the class must be incidental to the scholar's primary research objective as listed on the form DS-2019. Any additional questions about what this means or any specific case related questions can be directed to


If you have any additional questions about the program that are not covered on this site, please contact the Visiting Scholar Program Administrator

Skye VanValkenburgh 吴思凯
Phone: +1(510).643.6322 (office)