180 Doe Library


The Institute of East Asian Studies manages room reservations for 180 Doe Library for other affiliated international and area studies centers at Berkeley. Bookings are taken up to one month in advance during the academic year. Bookings for the summer (June-August) and winter break (December to the start of spring semester in January) may be made 90 days in advance.

After ascertaining availability, fill out the 180 Doe Reservation form below. Daniel Ureste will contact you to finalize reservation of the room.

Room Details

Room capacity: 95
Presentation capacity: 82
Room Attributes: Moveable tables 6 x 24 (8), seating, Ethernet port, Podium, Microphones, Assistive Listening
Activities Supported: Video Display, Computer Display, Auxiliary Video Display

  1. Check the Doe Library hours to confirm that the library is open for the period required: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/libraries/doe-library.
  2. Check the availability of the room on the calendar below.
  3. Submit the 180 Doe Reservation Request form below.
  4. After you receive confirmation, submit your ETS support request for events requiring AV equipment support: http://ets.berkeley.edu/forms/request-av-event-support.


Use this link to check availability of the 180 Doe Library Room.  Please note that reservations may only be made between the hours of 11:00 am-8:00 pm on weekdays. The space is never available when the library is closed.

180 Doe Reservation Request Form

Event Checklist

The checklist below is to help ensure that your event runs smoothly. If you have additional questions, please contact Daniel Ureste at dureste@berkeley.edu. Download a copy of the checklist here.

Prior to the Event

  • Fill out and submit the On-Line Request Form above.
  • After receiving the on-line request form, Daniel Dureste will send confirmation and approval of the date.
  • An Alcohol Permit Request form must be submitted to Zsuzsu Listro at zlistro@berkeley.edu for signature and UCPD for approval, if applicable — http://police.berkeley.edu/documents/fillables/AlcoholPermitRequest.pdf
  • A chart string must be provided for a fully refundable deposit. This covers facility services if the room is not left in good working order.
  • Will the event be taped/webcast? If so, who is the AV company? Contact person?

Before the event

  • Pick up the key from South entrance of Doe Library. You will need to sign out for the key and return it after the event. The students at the Doe South entrance desk will ask for an ID and will ask the person to sign in for receipt of the key.
  • Please have caterers enter from the Doe South entrance. Individuals must cover food or place in bags any food item that is intended for the event before walking into the building.
  • Please bring tablecloths (disposable are fine) to protect the tables from food and drink.
  • Events announcements can be placed in the sign holder outside 180 Doe Library on the day of the event. No additional signage is allowed on the walls in the hallway outside of 180 Doe Library.
  • Name of host/contact person on-site during event should be noted on the reservation request form.
  • Host can move some furniture around, as needed. All furniture must stay in the room.

During the event

  • There is a "no food or drink" policy for the Doe Library building. We do make exceptions for events in certain spaces, including 180 Doe. The food must be consumed in the room and removed from the building after the event.
  • Please make sure the doors are closed when your event starts. The sound travels in the building and we don't want to disturb patrons who are studying.
  • Please make sure the AV system is at a respectable volume for the event. If security is called to the room because of a complaint, please turn the sound down.
  • Setup and cleanup must be within the Doe Library's open hours, found here: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/libraries/doe-library

After the event

  • All tables and chairs should be put back in their original position for a presentation. Refer to this drawing.
  • All food and beverages should be removed. Caterers should remove all empty bottles.
  • If the event is catered, the caterers need to remove everything they brought with them.
  • The trash should be collected into the large trash cans in the kitchen.
  • Turn off all AV equipment and return all equipment to the AV box. If you removed the Ipad AV control unit, return it and plug in for next user.
  • Turn off all lights and close the door.
  • Return the key to the South reception desk and record the time the key to the room was returned.

AV Services

Educational Technology Services (ETS) is the campus-designated group to provided AV services. Use the form to submit your request: http://ets.berkeley.edu/forms/request-av-event-support.

Audio-Video System

Download a copy of the audio video system instructions here.