Learning Opportunities for Students

On Campus

  • Japanese Language Study at Berkeley
  • Japan Related Undergraduate Courses at UC Berkeley, Spring 2016
    ▪  ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES 150 Gender and Generation in Asian American Families
    ▪  BUDDHIST STUDIES C128 Buddhism in Contemporary Society
    ▪  EALC 105 Dynamics of Romantic Core Values in East Asian Pre-modern Lit. and Film
    ▪  EALC 111 Reading Global Politics in Contemporary East Asian Literature
    ▪  HISTORY 14 Introduction to the History of Japan
    ▪  HISTORY 103F Families in Tokugawa Japan
    ▪  HISTORY 118C Empire and Alienation: The 20th Century in Japan
    ▪  JAPANESE 1B Elementary Japanese
    ▪  JAPANESE 7B Intro. to Modern Japanese Literature and Culture
    ▪  JAPANESE 10B Intermediate Japanese
    ▪  JAPANESE 100B Advanced Japanese
    ▪  JAPANESE 102 Fourth Year Readings, Japanese Culture
    ▪  JAPANESE 130 Japanese Poetry
    ▪  JAPANESE 155 Modern Japanese Literature
    ▪  JAPANESE 161 Intro. to Japanese Linguistics: Usage
    ▪  JAPANESE 177 Urami: Rancor and Revenge in Japanese Literature
    ▪  POLITICAL SCIENCE 144 American Foreign Policy Toward Asia