Core Faculty Members

Associated Faculty Members

Past Faculty

Emeritus Faculty Members

  • Haruo Aoki (Professor Emeritus, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Mary Elizabeth Berry (Professor Emeritus, Department of History)
  • Robert Cole (Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business)
  • Nelson Graburn Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology)
  • James Lincoln (Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business)
  • Susan Matisoff (Professor Emerita, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Frank Motofuji (Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Irwin Scheiner (Professor Emeritus, Department of History)
  • Bonnie Wade (Professor Emeritus, Department of Music)

Former CJS-Affiliated Faculty

Joonhong Ahn

Years at Cal 1995-2016

Department Nuclear Engineering

Lifespan 1958-2016

Christopher Alexander

Years at Cal 1963-1994

Department Architecture

Lifespan (living)

Edward William Barankin

Years at Cal 1955-1985

Department Statistics

Lifespan 1920-1985

Robert Neely Bellah

Years at Cal 1967-1997

Department Sociology

Lifespan 1927-2013

Howard A. Bern

Years at Cal 1948-?

Department Integrative Biology

Lifespan 1920-2012

Peter Alexis Boodberg

Years at Cal 1932-1972

Department Languages

Lifespan 1903-1972

Robert van den Bosch

Years at Cal 1963-?

Department Entomology

Lifespan 1922-1978

Delmer Myers Brown

Years at Cal 1946-1977

Department History

Lifespan 1909-2011

James Cahill

Years at Cal 1965-1994

Department Art History

Lifespan 1926-2014

Denzel Carr

Years at Cal 1948-?

Department Language

Lifespan 1900-1983

Ralph Works Chaney

Years at Cal 1930-1957

Department Paleontology

Lifespan 1890-1971

E. Michael Czaja

Years at Cal 1948-1978

Department Architecture

Lifespan 1911-1994

William Garfield Dauben

Years at Cal 1945-1956

Department Chemistry

Lifespan 1919-1997

George De Vos

Years at Cal 1957-1991

Department Anthropology

Lifespan 1922-2010

Wolfram Eberhard

Years at Cal 1948-1976

Department Sociology

Lifespan 1909-1989

Garrett Eckbo

Years at Cal 1965-1978

Department Landscape Architecture

Lifespan 1910-2000

Florence Walne Farquhar

Years at Cal 1935-1946

Department Languages

Lifespan 1895-1946

Richard Merle Fulrath

Years at Cal 1954-?(later than 69)

Department Ceramic Engineering

Lifespan 1924-1977

Van C. Gessel

Years at Cal mid-1980s

Department Languages

Lifespan (living)

Clarence James Glacken

Years at Cal 1952-1970(?)

Department Geography

Lifespan 1909-1989

Richard W. Jennings

Years at Cal 1947-1975

Department Law

Lifespan 1907-1999

Chalmers Johnson

Years at Cal 1961-1988

Department Political Science

Lifespan 1931-2010

Tosio Kato

Years at Cal 1962-(~) 1990

Department Mathematics

Lifespan 1917-1999

Warren John Kaufman

Years at Cal 1951-1973

Department Sanitary Engineering

Lifespan 1922-1973

Shiro Kobayashi

Years at Cal 1960-1991

Department Mechanical Engineering

Lifespan 1924-1995

Shoshichi Kobayashi

Years at Cal 1962-1994

Department Mathematics

Lifespan 1932-2012

Yoshi Saburo Kuno

Years at Cal 1911-1935


Lifespan 1865-1941

Henry J Lagorio

Years at Cal 1947-1990

Department Architecture

Lifespan 1923-2013

Sylvia Lark

Years at Cal 1977-1990

Department Art

Lifespan 1947-1990

Ferdinand Lessing

Years at Cal 1935-

Department Languages

Lifespan 1882-1961

Helen Craig McCullough

Years at Cal 1969-1988

Department Languages

Lifespan 1918-1998

William Hoyt McCullough

Years at Cal 1970-1991

Department Languages

Lifespan 1928-1997

Richard James Miller

Years at Cal 1953-4 (lecturer)


Lifespan 1918-1976

Chiura Obata

Years at Cal 1932-1942, 1945-1954

Department Art

Lifespan 1885-1975

Talcott Parsons

Years at Cal (??) (after retirement)


Lifespan 1902-1979

Joseph A Pask

Years at Cal 1948-1980

Department Ceramic Engineering

Lifespan 1913-2003

Joseph Penzien

Years at Cal 1953-1988

Department Civil Engineering

Lifespan 1924-2011

Armin Rappaport

Years at Cal Two decades

Department History

Lifespan 1916-1983

Dickson Reck

Years at Cal 1951-1955

Department Business

Lifespan 1904-1955

Sho Sato

Years at Cal 1955-(30+ yrs.)

Department Law

Lifespan 1924-1986

Robert Scalapino

Years at Cal 1949-1990

Department Political Science

Lifespan 1919-2011

Irwin Scheiner

Years at Cal  

Department History

Lifespan (living)

Franz Schurmann

Years at Cal  

Department History + Sociology

Lifespan 1926-2010

Donald Shively

Years at Cal 1950-1962, 1982-1992

Department Languages + Literature

Lifespan 1921-2005

Thomas C Smith

Years at Cal 1970-1986

Department History

Lifespan 1916-2004

Raymond Coe Swank

Years at Cal 1962-1970

Department Library + Information Systems

Lifespan 1912-1995

Yasundo Takahashi

Years at Cal 1957-1979

Department Mechanical Engineering

Lifespan 1912-1996

Marc Treib

Years at Cal  

Department Architecture

Lifespan (living)

Martin Trow

Years at Cal 1957-1993

Department Public Policy

Lifespan 1926-2007

Lloyd Ulman

Years at Cal 1958-1990

Department Economics

Lifespan 1920-2014

John James Van Nostrand

Years at Cal 1918-1954

Department History

Lifespan 1884-1966

Peter Voulkos

Years at Cal 1959-1985

Department Art

Lifespan 1924-2002

Shyh Wang

Years at Cal  

Department Engineering + Computer Science

Lifespan 1925-1992

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