Maruyama Lectures Occasional Papers

Two Lectures by Carol Gluck, April 2004

Occasional Papers

Maruyama Lecture & Seminar 2004
CJS Occasional Papers 3

Lecture: After the Shipwreck: New Horizons for History-Writing

Noted historian and author Carol Gluck reflects upon trends in modern history-writing of which Maruyama Masao was a part, and identifies new opportunities in the wake of the demise of so many conceptual and theoretical approaches in historical scholarship. In this spirited talk, Gluck challenges her audience to make the most of the possibilities opened up after the "shipwreck" of social scientific models, and sees our current times as offering a unique moment for the creation of a history sensitive to the details of the everyday, yet able to link the small actions of the past to larger historical shifts and capable of the criticism and commitment that marks "good history."

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Seminar: Maruyama and History

Gluck considers the life and scholarship of Maruyama Masao, and the ways that he, as both a historical thinker and prominent public figure, understood the relationship between the issues of the past and with the critical intellectual and moral dilemmas confronting postwar Japan. Gluck asserts that we cannot understand Maruyama or the passionate responses he provoked apart from a keen sense of the `historicity' of his particular moment, and seeks to identify the boundaries have defined the discourse of Maruyama and his interlocutors.

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