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The Institute of East Asian Studies supports a nonprofit academic publications program. We publish scholarly monographs on China, Japan, and Korea, as well as research papers and policy studies on the Asia-Pacific region. Submitted manuscripts go through a rigorous review process, and the finished books often receive reviews in leading journals.

The institute also distributes the Berkeley Buddhist Studies Series and publications on Southeast Asia, along with books produced by the Chinese Popular Culture Project and by the Center for Japan Studies at Teikyo Loretto Heights University.

Managing Editor Katherine Lawn Chouta acquires and edits all manuscripts in addition to overseeing production and marketing of the monographs.

Publications Assistant Erik Lyngen handles customer orders and worldwide distribution of our books and journals.

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Associated Publications

IEAS jointly publishes the Early China Special Monograph Series with the Society for the Study of Early China. The institute also distributes the Journal of Song-Yuan Studies.

IEAS hosts the editorial staff of Asian Survey, a bimonthly journal distributed by UC Press.

Since 2009, the Journal of Chinese Religions has been edited through an office in the Center for Chinese Studies at the institute.

The Journal of Vietnamese Studies is managed by the Center for Southeast Asia Studies.

Until 2009, IEAS distributed South Asian language textbooks produced by the Center for South Asia Studies.

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  • Special call for submissions to our Japan Research Monograph series.

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