IEAS Publications

Rights and Permissions

Permission for Classroom Use (Course Readers)

The Institute of East Asian Studies grants permission to reproduce our copyrighted material for classroom use for a small fee. Please request permission through the Copyright Clearance Center.

Permission to Reprint an Excerpt from a Book

We often grant permission to other publishers, for a fee, to reprint portions of our copyrighted books in new publications. We also often grant permission gratis to authors to reuse their materials from our copyrighted books in new works. For more information, please write to Katherine Lawn Chouta, Managing Editor, at

Permission to Publish a Translation

IEAS welcomes the opportunity to publish translations of our books overseas. We have previously worked with such renowned publishers as Peking University Press and Iwanami shoten. Our authors and foreign publishers are encouraged to contact Managing Editor Katherine Lawn Chouta at to discuss plans for publishing a translation.