CCS Graduate Student Fellowship FAQ

1. What is the deadline?
    The deadline for receipt of your application by email is midnight on April 1, 2022.

2. Can I send in my application electronically or by mail?
    Please send the form and all the materials – with the exception of the recommendations – by email to as a single PDF file.

3. How do I apply for more than one fellowship?
    You can apply for multiple fellowships using one application form and supporting materials, and one set of recommendations. On the application form is the question: Which fellowship(s) are you applying for? You can list as many as you are eligible for.

4. What if my budget is larger than the fellowship I am applying for?
    Please submit an accurate budget. CCS may fund only part of the total, and we understand that you may get support from various sources.

5. Where do recommendations get sent?
    They can be sent by email to Xiaojie Ma at by the deadline.

6. Am I eligible for funding if I am planning to stay in Berkeley and write my dissertation instead of traveling for field work?
    Yes, but except for the Dissertation Fellowship, priority will be given to students traveling for research.