CCS Working Groups

The Center for Chinese Studies Working Group program is in support of research in the humanities and the social sciences, and provide opportunities for smaller groups of Berkeley faculty and advanced graduate students to share their research in progress, garner thoughtful and detailed feedback on papers or grants, brainstorm new projects, and discuss the latest published research related to their working group.

The Working Group awards range from $250-$750 for the academic year. New Working Groups have one full year to use the award funds. The funds can be used for books, admission for museums or films, to pay speakers, or refreshments. They cannot be used for meals or entertainment. Any remaining balance by the end of the academic year will be reclaimed by the Center for Chinese Studies. 

Working Groups are required to provide a one-page report at the end of the academic year. They may continue their work to the next academic year by submitting a renewal proposal and budget.

Propose a Working Group

Proposals for working groups should include the name of your group, subject of study and a few stated goals or intentions. Please tell us how often you plan on meeting, which students and faculty members the group is open to and if you intend on bringing in any outside speakers or guests. Proposals should be about one page in length, including the names and departmental affiliations of any core or founding members and the group's total estimated budget .

Applications should be submitted to in one PDF document on or before October 1, 2022.