IEAS Visiting Scholars


Updated as of January 20, 2020

Shih-Ying (Angela) Chien

Appointment Dates: 08/01/2019– 07/31/2020
Home Institution: National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Field: Design and Health Care
Research Topic: Primary drivers of willingness to continute to participate in community-based health screening from the perspective of service design.

Chung Hee (Rebecca) Kim

Rebecca Kim Appointment Dates: 09/01/2019– 02/28/2020
Home Institution: Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific University, Japan
Field: Management Research
Research Topic:  Varieties of Capitalism and CSR: East Asia and the World.

Kwang Jae Kim

Kwang Jae Kim Appointment Dates: 08/25/2019– 09/05/2020
Home Institution: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Republic of Korea
Field: Foreign Affairs
Research Topic: The rise of China and Russia in Northeast Asia threatens the current system centering on the US. It also makes resolving the North Korean nuclear issue a priority. Therefore, I would like to research the positions of the main parties in the North Korean nuclear issue.

Cheng Xu

Cheng Xu Appointment Dates: 09/01/2019– 08/31/2020
Home Institution: Fudan University, China
Field: Security and Strategy
Research Topic: Strategic Reassurance in the Rise of Great Power.