Asian Survey's March/April 2020 issue is out

April 29, 2020

Asian Survey’s March/April 2020 issue (60:2) is out, and, like all University of California Press journals, it is being made available to the public via open access through the end of June.

The issue features a three-article series on political representation,  headlined by a paper on Authoritarianism, Authority, and Representation by the distinguished democratic theorist Adam Przeworski.

As the covid-19 pandemic dominates our world, it is worth remembering some of Asia’s other important issues, dissected in Asian Survey articles on the internationalization of China’s renminbi; a challenge to conventional views on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and the conflict in Kashmir; social movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong; politicians and wealth accumulation  in South Korea, and China vs. Japan on development assistance in Southeast Asia.

Asian Survey’s next issue is scheduled to be released in June.