Cross-Straits Relationships research project announced

July 1, 2008

IEAS is pleased to announce a three-year Cross-Straits research project will culminate in a major scholarly publication intended to fill a critical gap in existing English-language scholarly understanding of the relationships across the Taiwan Strait. Cross-Straits relationships between the Mainland and Taiwan are among the most critical issues in today's East Asia. Despite much journalistic coverage and editorial commentary, in-depth scholarly examinations of the many facets of related issues are yet to be undertaken in North American academia. The project will describe and evaluate substantive Cross-Straits relationships — economic, cultural, societal — as they have been developing since the early 1990s despite the absence of mutually acceptable resolution of issues of statehood and sovereignty between the Mainland and Taiwan and the emerging East Asian regional order.

A team of faculty from UC Berkeley and selected partner institutions will develop book chapters over the next three years, assisted by graduate and undergraduate students. Additional opportunities for students may develop; please contact Project Coordinator Caverlee Cary ( sends e-mail))for further information.

A series of public programs, workshops, and conferences will be held in conjunction with this project; please consult our Events listings for those open to the public.