Jenny Lee | CKS Undergraduate Student Award Recipient

February 17, 2023

Jenny LeeDue to the generosity and support from the CKS award, I was able to travel to South Korea lastsummer to conduct archival research for my senior thesis project, “‘Ghostly’ Histories: Alternative Frameworks for Understanding the Memories, Experiences, and Representations of South Korean ‘Comfort Women.’” I visited national museums and memorials, as well as the War & Women’s Human Rights Museum, and this research opportunity has shaped how I think of both womanhood and academia in a deeply formative way. During my time doing fieldwork in Korea and writing my thesis back at UC Berkeley, I was also able to explore genuine, complex connections with my Korean heritage in ways that felt meaningful, intentional, and personal, all of which would not have been possible without the CKS funding support.

- Jenny Lee
CKS Undergraduate Student Award Recipient