Jonathan Lear | CJS Fellow

February 17, 2023

Jonathan LearI study the bureaucratic and intellectual history of Japan’s commercial nuclear endeavors. Accessing the primary source base that forms the basis of my work (nuclear newspapers, energy industry periodicals, works of popular science, local PR materials, etc.) has only been possible within Japan. On two occasions, CJS fellowships allowed me to travel to Japan during summers to conduct research—first, for pre-dissertation research and later, as I conducted supplementary fieldwork during my dissertation’s write-up phase. This crucial funding enabled me to work in a variety of libraries across Honshu—at the National Diet Library branches in Tokyo and Kyoto, in various prefectural libraries, and in local libraries in places like Mito, Kashiwazaki, and Fukui. In short, the CJS provided essential support that helped me develop my research project and bring it to completion.

- Jonathan Andrew Lear
Department of History
CJS Fellow