Liubing Xie | CCS Fellow

February 17, 2023

For my dissertation research, I explore the marketization of welfare housing in China, with the case of the development of affordable rental housing market for China’s internal migrant populations. I explore how the land and housing policies in China conceive the multi-faceted nature of housing as welfare as well as commodity in the affordable rental housing market, and how the state interacts with the land and housing market to produce affordable rental housing for the migrant populations. With the help of CCS fellowship, I am currently doing my twelve-month ethnographic fieldwork in Guangzhou from January 2023 to December 2023. While international travel is very expensive during the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial support from CCS fellowship made it possible for me to travel to China for my fieldwork research. Besides financial support, the professors from CCS have always given me invaluable feedback on my research and directed me to ask the most pertinent questions in regard to the cultural, political and historical contexts of China. 

- Liubing Xie

CCS Fellow