New course! "The Architects of Power"

August 24, 2023

Are you interested in U.S. foreign policy? Want to learn more about how it's made? Enroll in "The Architects of Power!"

PubPol 198 sec. 005: INDO-PACIFIC ALLIANCES (2 units)

The Architects of Power: The U.S. System in the Indo-Pacific is an interdisciplinary Goldman Public Policy School DeCal taught by two former State Department interns. In this class, we’ll tackle the history, design, and management of U.S. alliances and alignment in the world’s largest continent. We’ll engage with news articles and some academic literature to understand how policymakers use their means to achieve their ends. There will be guest lecturers throughout the semester including current and former senior leaders from across the government.

There will be 3 short memos written throughout the semester and a final group project to write an options paper for an official in government akin to those used in the Department of State. Attendance and participation are mandatory.

All majors are encouraged to enroll! This is a 2 unit P/NP course that can be counted towards the Public Policy minor. Enroll by searching for the course code in CalCentral: 29835.

If you have any questions, email rm51916@berkeley.eduand/or

Section 005: Wheeler 108 Wednesday 6:30-8pm