New Issue of Cross-Currents Available Online

September 1, 2018

The 28th quarterly issue of our open-access e‑journal Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review(link is external) is now online.

The theme of this issue—“Writing Revolution in Northeast Asia”—was chosen by guest editor Steven S. Lee (UC Berkeley) with the purpose of “revisiting Russian and Soviet visions of revolution and their fraught, indelible imprint on China, Japan, and Korea” primarily through a focus on literary circulation. Together, the contributors—Heekyoung Cho (U Washington), Jeehyun Choi (UC Berkeley), Katerina Clark (Yale), Sunyoung Park (USC), and Vladimir Tikhonov (U Oslo)—unearth what Lee describes in his introduction as a “latent, variegated internationalism behind established authors and concepts—not to drape the interwar years with nostalgia or regret, but to articulate long-lost spatial and historical constellations geared towards reimagining the present.” In his afterword to the issue, Edward Tyerman (UC Berkeley) highlights the ways in which the collection brings together two regions—Russia/Eurasia and East Asia—traditionally held apart by the spatial divisions of area studies, thereby offering “productive insights into how these two spaces and their interactions might de-center hegemonic models of global space, global history, and world literature in the early twentieth century.”

The issue also includes reviews of six recent publications on East Asia and a photo essay by Judd C. Kinzley (U Wisconsin) titled, “The Relics of Empire: Resource Extraction and the Making of Modern Xinjiang.”