Professor Uk Heo named new Editor for Asian Survey

April 2, 2019

The Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley is pleased to announce that Dr. Uk Heo, Distinguished Professor in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has been chosen as the new Editor of the journal Asian Survey.

Professor Heo has authored or coauthored five books, including three with Cambridge University Press: South Korea Since 1980; South Korea’s Rise; and The Evolution of the South Korea-United States Alliance. He has also published more than 60 journal articles, which have appeared in Asian SurveyBritish Journal of Political ScienceComparative PoliticsComparative Political StudiesInternational Studies QuarterlyJournal of Conflict ResolutionJournal of PoliticsPolitical Research Quarterly, and others. He has also served as President of the Association of Korean Political Studies.

Professor Heo will take over in summer 2019 from Professor Lowell Dittmer of Berkeley’s Political Science Department, who has guided Asian Survey as Co-editor (with the late Professor Joyce Kallgren) since the mid-1990s and sole Editor since 2001.

Under Professor Dittmer’s leadership, Asian Survey has garnered a reputation for publishing theoretically sophisticated, fresh, and empirically based scholarship on social science and international relations topics on Asian nations and regions, focused domestically, regionally, and globally. The bimonthly journal is widely read internationally in academic, media, and policy circles; it has been published at IEAS by the University of California Press since 1961.

Asian Survey publishes research from scholars around the world, providing readers with analyses of complex issues in crisp and clear style, making it accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike. Its popular annual Year in Review issue offers readers thoughtful, detailed analyses of around 25 countries in Asia along with an assessment of the U.S. role there.

Professor Dittmer will retire from the editorship after a long and influential career as one of the world’s top experts on Chinese politics and regional Northeast, East, and Southeast Asian affairs. His legacy will provide Professor Heo with a solid platform from which to helm the journal.

Professor Heo will remain in Milwaukee and work remotely with the Asian Survey editorial office at the Institute, in conjunction with IEAS’s Dr. David Fraser, the Managing Editor, and Professor Matthew Baxter, the Associate Editor for South Asia, who is based at Ashoka University in New Delhi.

The new Editor’s selection concludes an intensive search by the University of California Press and the Institute of East Asian Studies.