Adrienne Wu

Job title: 
Research Assistant, Global Taiwan Institute (GTI).

Adrienne Chih-fang Wu is a research assistant at the Global Taiwan Institute (GTI). With an interest in exploring the intersection of culture and policy, her research focuses on how Taiwan can strengthen international connections through nation branding, cultural diplomacy and a strong civil society. While at GTI, she has written about challenges to expanding Taiwan's creative space and conducted research on human rights issues in Taiwan, the importance of people-to-people ties to the New Southbound Policy, and governmental approaches to soft power.  

In addition to written publications, she is also the host and producer of Taiwan Salon, GTI's cultural policy and soft power podcast. Drawing on the expertise of government officials, academics, and industry professionals, Taiwan Salon aims to provide an overview of Taiwan's soft power landscape by covering topics such as academic exchanges, the music industry, and Taiwan's enduring commitment to democratic values. In particular, the podcast hopes to amplify Taiwanese voices regarding what is important to Taiwanese culture, society and identity, while also considering a broader perspective of how these aspects can strengthen international ties.

Before joining GTI, Ms. Wu graduated from Ritsumeikan University and Kyunghee University with a Dual Master's Degree in International Relations. She spent seven years living in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan—including three years of teaching English in Japan and Taiwan and a year of study at Waseda University while pursuing her B.A. in Honors East Asian Studies from McGill University. She also worked at the Presidential Precinct to help facilitate the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program for young African leaders.