Rosalie Chen

Job title: 
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dominican University.

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Dominican University of California. My research interests are interdisciplinary in nature and lie at the intersection of social psychology, political science, and culture. I study ideology in the East Asian cultural context, the national identity issue in cross-strait relations, and the role of culture-specific emotions at the group level in motivating international conflict. I am particularly interested in exploring international relations from the angles of political psychology and culture.

 Growing up in North Africa, East Asia, and North America enabled me to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cemented an early interest in culture and international relations. I am dedicated to contributing to knowledge that enhances cross-cultural understanding and addresses the causes of international conflict. My overarching research goal is to contribute to the understanding of international conflict by elucidating how ideology, identity, and emotion motivate political perception, attitudes, and behavior.

Previously, I taught at Colgate University before joining DUC. I received my B.S. from Truman State University, M.A. from George Washington University, and Ph.D. from National Taiwan University.