Wen-hsin Yeh lectures at Fudan University

Director Wen-hsin Yeh gave four lectures to teachers and students at Fudan University in Shanghai in October on intellectuals during the Republican period in China. These talks are part of the Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series sponsored by the Fudan Humanities Fund.

The four lectures included talks on the abolition of the Chinese imperial examination system in 1905, the township schools and social migration into the city, urban life, and the impact of modern communication technologies.

The Fudan Humanities Fund is a 60 million yuan endowment designed to promote the humanities at Fudan University and enhance Chinese exchanges and communications in the field of cross-strait cultural and educational cooperation and academic exchanges. The fund is used to (1) establish a chair in humanities; (2) reward outstanding young scholars; and (3) present lectures by distinguished scholars in the humanities and international studies.