Visiting Scholars

申請說明 — Application Instructions

感謝你關註我們中心的訪學項目. 以下是申請說明. 如果你仔細參閱申請說明,可避免遲延.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a visiting scholar at the Center for Chinese Studies, UC Berkeley. Following are instructions for completing your application process. By reading the instructions carefully, you may help avoid delays in application processing.

Before you apply...

  • 博士學生不能直接申請訪問學者. 有關訪問學生的項目, 請按照這 (鏈接上FAQ) 說明. Current Ph.D. Students cannot apply directly to the visiting scholar program. For information about visiting student researcher status, please follow these instructions (鏈接上FAQ).
  • 如果你將會申請中國留学基金(CSC),或一般來說你不確定你的訪問計畫, 那麼請按照這 (鏈接上)說明. If you plan to apply for China Scholarship Council (CSC) fellowship, please follow these instructions (link to instructions for CSC applicants).
  • 如果你確定你的資金,你的處長贊成你的研究請假,那麼請繼續按照以下的申請說明. If you are certain about your funding and you have permission to take research sabbatical, then please continue with the application instructions below.

申請時間表 — Application Schedule

The Center for Chinese Studies reviews applications for visiting scholar affiliation three times a year.

申請限期:4月15日 (秋季入學 – 8月15日到 11月15日)
For arrival during the Fall Semester (August 15 – November 15) – DEADLINE: April 15

申請限期: 8月15日 (春季入學 – 1月3日到 5月15日)
For arrival during the Spring Semester (January 3 – May 15) – DEADLINE: August 15

申請限期: 1月15日 (夏季入學 - 5月15日到 8月15日)
For arrival during the summer (May 15 – August 15) – DEADLINE: January 15

手續和所需材料 — Application Procedures and Required Materials

第一: . 請提交材料給協調員為著評價和遴選.
Step 1. Please submit the following materials to the Visiting Scholar Coordinator for the selections process:

  1. 請用一單篇的頁面簡述你的研究計畫, 在其中包括以下問題 (英語):
    One page research proposal answering the following questions (in English):
     •  研究標題
         What is the title of your research project?
     •  描述你的研究計畫
         How would you describe your research project?
     •  當在伯克利大學訪問, 你有什麼學術和其他的目標?
         What do you hope to accomplish during your stay in Berkeley?
     •  你什麼時候來伯克利, 打算停留多久?
         When will you arrive and how long do you intend to stay?

  2. 最新英語履歷表. 請把工作簡歷和出版物放在一張文件.
    Current English-language curriculum vitae and list of publications. Please put these two in the same document

  3. 最新母語履歷表
    Current Native-language curriculum vitae (if other than English)

  4. 批准休假文件: 需要由系主任, 院長, 或雇主簽名 (英語)
    Letter from Department Chair or Dean stating approved sabbatical leave (English)

  5. 資金文件 (英語): 資金證明文件須在申請之日起6個月內簽發,且須寫明有足夠資金支付J-1訪問學者及其J-2親屬(夫妻和/或子女)在美訪學期間全部費用,包括a) J-1訪問學者 ($1,800/月),b) J-2 配偶 ($500/月), c)J-2子女($300/人/月)。所有文件均須提交英文版本。具體信息請參見伯克利加州大學訪學類簽證說明 鏈接

    注: 如資金證明文件未明確具體補貼金額,伯克利加州大學國際事務處將以文件所列金額下限為準計算。例如,如中國國家留學基金委資助證明規定資助/補貼範圍為$1,400-$1,800/月,伯克利加州大學國際事務處將按照$1,400/月計算。若資助總額未滿足最低要求,申請人須提供其它文件(個人銀行存款信息等)以證明有足夠資金支付來美期間全部費用。

    Funding Documents (English): All funding documents must be issued within the past 6 months of the application period, and must show proof that the J-1 Visiting Scholar and any J-2 dependents (spouse and/or child(ren) have sufficient funding to cover the duration of their appointment. The minimum monthly funding requirements are: $1800 for the J-1 scholar + $500 for a J-2 spouse + $300 for each J-2 child. The documents must be issued in English. Please see the UC Berkeley J Scholar Financial Requirements page here for a list of acceptable funding documents.

    Please note: if you are receiving a scholarship that does not state a specific monthly stipend the Berkeley Intentional Office will use the lower amount to calculate the funding requirements. For example, if the Chinese Council Scholarship states that the scholar will be receiving between $1400-$1800 a month, the Berkeley International Office will consider the lower amount ($1400) the official monthly stipend. If this amount does not meet the minimal overall requirement, the scholar will have to use additional proof of funding, e.g. personal bank statement, etc. to meet the funding requirement.

  6. 護照: 申請人和所有陪同家人的複印件
    Copy of passport information page for scholar and any accompanying dependents

  7. 英語水平:美國政府規定學者們必須表現 「英語能力必須通過客觀的確定, 才能參入他/她的訪問計劃,英語能力需要滿足日常生活的使用」. 學者們請參閱我們國際辦公室的說明 (http://internationaloffice.berkeley.edu/ elp-documentation). 請注意: 英語水平文件不能保證使領館准予J-1簽證--只能得到DS-2019. 受了使領館的採訪後才確定英語能力. 中心不能提供給你英語能力水平文件.
    English Proficiency: U.S. government regulations states scholars must show "sufficient proficiency in the English language, as determined by an objective measurement, in order to participate in his/her program and to function on a day-to-day basis." Please follow our international office's instructions
    (http:// internationaloffice.berkeley.edu/elp-documentation). Please note that the English language documents are for obtaining DS-2019, they do not guarantee visa approval at the U.S. Consular Interview. Our Center does not provide documents to verify your English language abilities.

請將這些文件直接附加到電子郵件(優選pdf,jpg或doc)到訪問學者協調員 ccs-vs@berkeley.edu.

Please send these materials as direct email attachments (pdf., jpg., or doc. are preferred) to the Visiting Scholar Coordinator at ccs-vs@berkeley.edu.

第二. 收到申請材料後,中心的挑選委員會 (包括UC Berkeley中國研究教授) 會評價每申請人的資料 . 選委員會靠中心的現有位子去挑選多少訪學者. 如果你的研究計劃,訪學時長,學術背景相配中心的學術目標,我們會給你通知邀請. 下來,你需要再填寫一份表,及其提交一次性支如下不能退還的手續費.
Step 2. After receiving the application materials, the selection committee (members include UC Berkeley China Research Professors) will judge each applicant. How many visiting scholars are selected by the committee depend on the number of available seats. If your research, study time, academic background are a good match with the academic objectives of our center, we will inform you of the invitation. After selection, you will need to fill out a form and submit a one-time fee charge that cannot be refunded.

  Short-term Scholar
(less than six months; no extension allowed)
Research Scholar
(six months or longer; extension allowed)
J-1 visa processing fee $500 $500 $250
University-mandated Visiting Scholar services fee $750 $750 (scholars)
$1,000 (students)
$1,500 (scholars)
$2,500 (students)
CCS processing fee
(refundable if DS2019 is
granted, but visa is denied)
$1,950 $3,000 (scholars)
$1,500 (students)
(scholars - no desks)
$1,500 (students)
TOTAL $3,200 $4,250 (scholars)
$3,000 (students)
$4,750 (scholars)
$5,750 (students)

請用美元支付手續費. 我們接受國際匯票,銀行本票,個人支票,或電匯. 如果您想使用銀行電匯,請發送電子郵件至 ccs-vs@berkeley.edu 以獲取具體說明. 請把支票收件人寫: UC Regents, 然後把手續費送到以下的地址 (請下站實例):

Please pay the fee in USD. We accept international money order, bank check, personal check, or wire transfer. Please see an example of money order. If you want to use bank wire, please email ccs-vs@berkeley.edu for specific instructions. The fee can be mailed to the Visiting Scholar Coordinator at the address noted below.

Visiting Scholar Coordinator
University of California
Center for Chinese Studies Visiting Scholar Program
1995 University Avenue, Room 520K
Berkeley, CA 94704-2318

If you are a US citizen or a Permanent Resident, you do not need to pay the J-1 processing fee.

第三. 中心收到手續費和所有材料後,我們才能開始處理你的DS-2019表. 訪問學人得到了DS-2019表後才可去附近的美國領事館申請J‑1簽證. 理你最近的領事館或大使館地址,電話號碼,營業時間,請訪問美國國務院網站部 — http://travel.state.gov. J‑1 簽證通常需要美國當局採訪.
Step 3. Once all fees have been paid and secondary application materials have been received, the Center can process your DS-2019, which will allow you to go to the nearest U.S. Consulate to apply for the J-1 visa. Once this fee has been paid, you will then contact the local Consulate or Embassy to apply for the J-1 visa. To find the address, phone number, and business hours of the nearest Consulate, or Embassy, please visit the U.S. Department of State website: http://www.fmjfee.com. Usually an interview with the American authorities is required to obtain the J-1 visa.

第四: 收到DS-2019表和簽證蓋印後,訪問學者們需要付美國國土安全部$180USD處理費. 我們的國際辦公室會把處理費的說明和DS-2019表將同發送給你. 訪問學者們也可以直接上網站 http://www.fmjfee.com.
Step 4. After receipt of the DS-2019 and related materials, you are required to pay a one-time U.S. government Homeland Security processing fee of $180. Instructions on how to pay this fee will be sent with the DS-2019 and may also be found at http://www.fmjfee.com

第五: 當簽證在你手裡和買了你飛機票, 請通知中心你到來的日期. 請和員人安排一個時間處理入門登記才如能完全美國政府和Berkeley大學的要求(鏈接).
Step 5. Once you have the visa in hand and travel plans scheduled, you should inform the Center of your arrival dates and schedule an appointment to complete the arrival forms required by the US government and the University (see link to step by step onboarding handout).

關於健康保險 — Required Health Insurance

國內和國際訪問學者都需要呈送健康保險證明. 保險必須符合最低的覆蓋. 學者們必須從本國帶來英文的正式健康保險單據. 如果本國健康保險不符合最低要求,學者們必須買美國的保險. 有關健康保險, 請去訪問這個網站 — http://vspa.berkeley.edu/visiting-researcher-scholar-health-insurance-and-benefits
All domestic and international scholars are required to show proof of health insurance for the entire length of their stay that meets specified minimum levels of coverage. Scholars who bring health insurance from their home country must bring a copy of the complete policy in English, and the insurance must meet university guidelines. If these conditions are not met, they must purchase insurance in the U.S. For more information please visit this website http://vspa.berkeley.edu/visiting-researcher-scholar-health-insurance-and-benefits.

關於經費 — Financial Information

中國研究中心無法為訪問學者提供財政支持. 伯克利大學的政策規定,訪問學者必須呈送自己的資金支持. 財源可以從雇主提供的,公認的國際組織獎學金,或訪學者個人的資金. 如係雇主或獎學金支持,雇主必須提供的支持信,指出資金總額,資金使用和日期的資金保證. 在個人資金的情況下,學者們必須提供銀行對帳單或信件, 表示可用總額儲蓄.
The Center for Chinese Studies is unable to provide financial support for its visiting scholars. As required by University policy, each scholar must provide the visiting department with proof of financial support during their proposed period of stay. Funding may come from the scholar's home institution, a fellowship from a recognized international organization, or personal funds. In the case of institutional or fellowship support, the funding organization must supply a letter of support that details total amount of funding, uses of funds, and date to which funding is guaranteed. In the case of personal funds, the scholar must supply a bank statement or letter detailing the total amount in savings available.

關於學者的責任 — Scholarly Responsibilities

中心期許每個訪問學者獨立的研究和參加中心的學術活動. 在訪問年底,我們要求學者們給中心一分研究文章和訪問結果報告. 我們鼓勵訪學者們作個簡報, 用中文或英文都可以.

訪問學者們必須了解你們與伯克利大學的關聯有限度. 訪問學者們不能正式代表伯克利大學. 要是訪問學者們和校外的團體合作,請理解你們的工作或活動不屬於伯克利大學的. 伯克利大學不可負責或能承擔你和學園外合作的活動.

中心要求你放棄帶禮物來給CCS員工. 我們欣賞你們的姿態,我們尊重你們各自的習俗文化. 然而,中心的目標是重視你的學術貢獻和促進智力的交流.

Visiting scholars are expected to conduct research independently, actively participate in the Center's scholarly programs, and attend regularly-scheduled talks or seminars throughout their stay. At the end of the appointment, scholars are expected to a) give a talk based on research done while at Berkeley (in Chinese or English); and b) submit a final report on the outcome of their research, including copies of publications or drafts of papers completed during their affiliation with the Center.

A visiting scholar's affiliation with the University of California Berkeley is limited. This means that visiting scholars cannot formally represent UC Berkeley. When a scholar works with organizations external to the UC Berkeley campus this work is considered independent. UC Berkeley does not sponsor, and cannot take responsibility for, the outcomes of these exchanges.

The Center for Chinese Studies requests scholars not to bring gifts for the CCS staff or chair. While we appreciate the gesture and respect the custom, the program's priority is to recognize the importance of your scholarly contribution and promote intellectual exchange at the Center.