Resources for Scholars: Departure Procedures

CCS Final Report

CCS requires that departing affiliates submit the following to the Visiting Scholar Program Administrator before departure. Failure to submit the following report will delay your ability to obtain a program completion certification. 

 CCS Visiting Scholar/Student Final Report:

Program Completion Certificate

Scholars holding J-1 status are not permitted to conduct research or engage in their J program objectives during their two 30 day grace periods – the first being 30 days before their DS-2019 start date, and the second being 30 days after their DS-2019 end date. Thus, the Center for Chinese Studies will only issue program completion certificates in accordance with the scholar/student’s dates of affiliation at the University of California, Berkeley as recorded on the scholar's DS-2019. If a scholar chooses to end their affiliation more than 15 days prior to their DS-2019 end date, they must report this to the Berkeley International Office, and a new shortened DS-2019 will be issued – affiliation dates will be updated therein.

The Center for Chinese Studies does not have the authority or resources to officially verify your exact dates present in the United States, and so scholars/students who require certification from outside agencies regarding their time in the U.S. should make their travel and affiliation plans so that they are in compliance with both:

  1. U.S. immigration laws that dictate the timeframe for when a scholar is allowed to engage in their J program objectives, and

  2. The scholar/student’s official dates of affiliation with the University

Departure FAQ

I want to end my J program early, what do I need to do?

The Berkeley International Office must be notified of any J-1 exchange visitor who will be ending their program more than 15 days prior to the DS-2019 end date.

  • Submit a written request to explaining your reasons for ending your program early
  • Complete the Visiting Scholar Final Report as outlined above
  • Send confirmation of the new last official date at UC Berkeley to at least a month in advance of your planned departure and cc
  • BIO will report the change to the SEVIS database and issue a final, shortened DS-2019