Visiting Scholar Program Extension: Prerequisites, Application, and Fees


The Center for Chinese Studies can only review applications for extension if the original affiliation dates were longer than six months. If the scholar was on a short-term program (i.e. six months or less); then reappointment is most appropriate and the scholar should reapply to the CCS visiting scholar program. The applicant must also meet all of the requirements listed below in order to be considered for an extension: 

Application Procedures

Please turn in the following documents as WORD or PDF files via email to at least 1-2 months before the applicant's DS-2019 end date:

1. Statement of Purpose that contains….| 延期计划 ,内容包括…

  1. 目前的访学研究计划以及过去一年的研究成果。
    A copy of the current research paper/project and work completed in the first year so far.
  2.  延期原因及留在伯克利继续访学的目标。
    The reason for the extension and your plans for the second year at Berkeley.
  3. 延期访学期限(开始和结束日期)。
    What is your proposed duration of stay (affiliation start and end dates)? 

Please note that your start date must be the day following your current DS-2019 end date, e.g. if your DS-2019's end date is 3/11/2020, then your new proposed start date would be 3/12/2020. 

2. Support of Current or New Faculty Sponsor

The Center for Chinese Studies will only accept applications for an extension if the visiting scholar's faculty sponsor is willing to continue acting as the scholar's sponsor during their period of extension, or if the scholar has found another CCS-affiliated faculty member who is willing to act as the scholar's sponsor. 

Please disucss with your current or new facutly sponsor your plans for extension and after recieving their support, please cc' the facutly member via their email on the extension request. 

C) Proof of Funding| 资金文件 (英语)

Proof of Sufficient Funding |资金证明文件

资金文件 (英语): 资金证明文件须在申请之日起6个月内签发,且须写明有足够资金支付J-1访问学者及其J-2亲属(夫妻和/或子女)在美访学期间全部费用:

  • 2022年8月1日及以后提交申请的访问学者: a) J-1访问学者 ($2,000/月) ,b) J-2 配偶 ($600/月), c)J-2子女 ($400/人/月)。

具体信息请参见伯克利加州大学访学类签证说明链接(link is external)


All funding documents must be issued in English and dated within the past 6 months of the application period. They must show proof that the J-1 scholar has sufficient funding to cover the duration of their J Program for themselves and any J-2 dependents. The minimum funding requirement for J exchange visitors will be increasing effective August 1, 2022. For cases submitted to Berkeley International Office 8/1/2022 or later, the minimum monthly funding requirement will be $2000 for the J-1 + $600 for a J-2 spouse + $400 for each J-2 child.

Please see the UC Berkeley J Scholar Financial Requirements page(link is external) for more information.

Please note: if you are receiving a scholarship that does not state a specific monthly stipend the Berkeley International Office will use the lower amount to calculate the funding requirements. For example, if the Chinese Council Scholarship states that the scholar will be receiving between $1400 - $1800 a month, the Berkeley International Office will consider the lower amount ($1400) the official monthly stipend. If this amount does not meet the minimal overall requirement, the scholar will have to use additional proof of funding, e.g. personal bank statement, etc. to meet the funding requirement.

U.S. Permanent Residents and Citizens are not required to submit proof of funding for extension applications. 

Program Fees

Important Notes:

  • The Center for Chinese Studies' program fees are not prorated – no refunds or discounts will be allowed if the scholar chooses to terminate their affiliation early while at UC Berkeley.
  • The Center for Chinese Studies is unable to provide financial support to aid any aspect of the scholars stay while at Berkeley. 

Type of Fees: 

Visiting Scholar

Visiting Student 


*BIO Extension J-1 Visa
Processing Fee 


 $400  $400 $400
VSPA Service-Fee - 2nd Year
 $1,500  $2,500 $1,500
**CCS Service & Processing Fee


 $500  $500 $500
CCS Program Fee

(Refundable if visa is denied)

 $3,000  $2,500 $4,500
Total International Scholars & Students: $5,400 $5,900 $6,900
Total (US. Permanent Residents & Citizens) $5,000 $5,500 $6,500

*Not required for U.S. Permanent Residents and Citizens.

** Add an additional $200 for a J-2 spouse and each J-2 child.

Explanation of Fees

BIO Extension J-1 Visa Processing Fee:

The Berkeley International Office (BIO) charges $400 for the processing of your extending your J-1 program end dates in SEVIS and issue you a new DS-2019. The $400 processing fee must be paid through the hosting department (CCS) and is thus required to be submitted at least a month before your DS-2019 end date and after you have received notification about the results of your extension application. U.S. Permanent Residents & Citizens are not required to pay the J-1 Visa Processing Fee. 

VSPA University Service Fee:

The Visiting Scholar and Post-Doc Affairs Office (VSPA) charges a service fee for the processing of your on-campus affiliation. All visiting scholars and visiting student researchers must pay the University Services Fee in order to be in compliance with VSPA affiliation requirements and to gain access to university services such as library access, ID card, and a Berkeley email account. The University Services Fee is an annual fee and is not pro-rated. The fee must be paid within 3 days of the appointment start date. 

CCS Non-Refundable Service & Processing Fee:

The Center for Chinese Studies charges a $500 processing fee for the administrative work required to prepare your campus affiliation applications. We charge an additional $200 for the J-2 spouse and each J-2 child. This fee is non-refundable and is not prorated. 

CCS Program Fee: 

The Center for Chinese Studies charges a one-time program fee (see above for specific amounts) for the administrative costs of your appointment as a visiting scholar at our center. It also entitles you to certain privileges and services at CCS for the duration of your appointment, including but not limited to use of the Center's office space, printing and copier privileges, and free admissions to most of our visiting scholar activities. 

Additional Fees

The following fees are not payable to the Center for Chinese Studies but are required in order to gain or maintain Visiting Scholar/Visiting Student Researcher Affiliation. 

Health Insurance 

As a  Visiting Scholar/Researcher, you are required to be enrolled in an insurance plan that meets the Department of State J-1 Visa requirements beginning the first day of your appointment.

You may find detailed insurance coverage requirements(link is external) on the Visiting Scholar and Post Doc Affairs website. You may purchase a plan via the university provider(link is external); however, if you would like to purchase your own health insurance with a different provider, it must meet the campus minimum standards as detailed on the website linked above. Further, you must apply for a waiver if you choose to enroll in a separate plan: please go to this website to follow directions on how to waive insurance requirements with your own insurance.