Center for Korean Studies

The Center for Korean Studies (CKS) is a unit of the Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley. The Center is one of the nation’s most active academic centers for the study of Korean humanities and social sciences. Our goal is to use the academic resources of the University of California to promote broader understanding of Korea.

Originally part of a combined Center for Japanese and Korean Studies, an independent Center for Korean Studies was established in 1979 in recognition of Korea's growing importance in world affairs. Today, the Center sponsors academic colloquia, conferences, seminars, and other events while building ties between institutions of higher learning, research institutes, and governmental and business organizations in Korea and the United States.

The Center also supports scholars conducting research on Korea through its visiting scholar program. Distinguished scholars and intellectuals, including individuals from public service and NGOs in addition to faculty members from universities, visit Berkeley and contribute to the intellectual life of the Institute and the Center. Major financial support from the Academy of Korean Studies and Samsung helps to support visiting scholars, lecturers, student fellowships, faculty research, and publications.

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