U.S.-Taiwan Next Generation Working Group


Organizer: The Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS) at UC Berkeley promotes teaching and research on East and Southeast Asia in all disciplines and professional programs. The Institute and its regional centers sponsor a wide variety of activities including academic seminars and colloquia series, public lectures, cultural events, and other programs with the mission to foster interaction and facilitate deeper understanding among the academic, business, and professional communities on issues concerning the Asia-Pacific region.

Sponsor: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in San Francisco

Program Expectations & Commitments

Program Participants must:

  • Commit to attend all three meetings as follows*:
    • Washington D.C. 

    • California 

    • Taipei

*Note: Other opportunities to convene, publish, and/or participate in public engagements may arise throughout the program period. Though these opportunities are encouraged, they are not a requirement of the program.

  • Submit a 2-3 page reflection following each of the three meetings.

  • Develop a short policy paper (3-5 pages) on a topic of the applicant’s choosing as it concerns U.S.-Taiwan relations. Participants will be expected to submit their policy papers for publication, and will be encouraged to seek out opportunities for publication/public appearances in newspapers, newsrooms, and/or with other media outlets. Participants will also be encouraged to develop longer papers in a format useful to their careers if they wish to do so. For example, a political scientist might write a research article for publication, then create a 3-5 page version that would be suitable for publication in Foreign Policy or a similar outlet. A policy professional might write a policy report, including a 3-5 page memo or executive summary. A journalist might do a long-form article, with a 3-5 page version. These papers will be developed over the course of the three-year period under the guidance of the Senior Advisors and submitted to TECO at the end of the program.