CKS News: Clare You Wins Manhae Grand Prize

May 28, 2017

Professor Clare You of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures (retired) and former Chair of CKS was awarded the Manhae Grand Prize for 2017 from the Manhae Foundation in South Korea. Congratulations, Professor You!

Clare You studied linguistics and information science at the University of California, Berkeley. She taught and coordinated the Korean program as well as served as chair of the Center for Korean Studies. You coauthored College Korean and Intermediate College Korean (University of California Press, 1992 and 2002). She has cotranslated modern Korean poetry and fiction into English, including The Three Way Tavern (University of California Press, 2006) and I Must Be the Wind (White Pine Press, 2014), and English works into Korean, such as Things Fall Apart (Seoul: Eastern Press, 1994). She is a recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit (Silver Medal) from the Government of Korea.