CKS News: Dylan Davis Returns to IEAS

June 2, 2018

After a thorough (and exhausting) search, which brought 5 candidates in from around the globe and involved extensive consultation with the Executive Committee and the Institute’s staff, the hiring committee chose Dylan Davis to be IEAS’s next Associate Director. Dylan comes to IEAS after three very successful years as the Asia Foundation’s representative in Korea, and is a familiar face to many of us who remember him from his time as CKS’s Program Director (2012-2015). Dylan arrives with considerable fund-raising, staff management and negotiating experience (in particular with governments and granting agencies) and his interview showed him to be a person with infectious energy, many ideas about the Institute’s future, and no fears regarding the firehose of 100-300 emails his predecessor, Martin Backstrom, receives, and must respond to, every day. Dylan re-joined the Institute on June 1, 2018. Welcome back Dylan Davis!