CKS Publication: Mobile Subjects: Boundaries and Identities

Mobile Subjects Book Cover
January 1, 2013

Mobile Subjects

Boundaries and Identities in the Modern Korean Diaspora

Wen-hsin Yeh, ed. (CKS Affiliated Faculty)
Korea Research Monograph #36
IEAS Publications
2013. 231 pp.
ISBN-13 (print): 978-1-55729-104-2
ISBN-10 (print): 1-55729-104-7
ISBN-13 (e-book): 978-1-55729-165-3

Mobile Subjects draws attention to modern Korean experiences with mobility, experiences that played an important role in forming Korean constructions of an ethnonationalistic discourse of territoriality. By drawing attention to mobility in subjectivity—to the contested nature of subjectivity in the processes of mobility—this volume seeks to connect the experiences of the Korean diaspora with those of the homeland, thereby enriching an understanding of Korean nationalism from its flip side.  The essays in this collection, by focusing on mobility, offer a rich and complex picture of changing circumstances on the Korean peninsula over the course of the past one-and-a-half centuries. They underscore the point that there have been intimate connections between national constructions and spatial mobility. They also demonstrate the intellectual fruitfulness of an approach to the peninsula that brings in the continental as well as maritime dimensions of the Korean diaspora.

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