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IEAS book and its author featured in the Chosun Daily

March 21, 2023

The article (in Korean) highlights Ryu Songnyong: Chancellor of Choson Korea, a biography by Choi Byonghyon. Also mentioned is a supporter of the book, Ryu Jin Roy, a thirteenth-generation descendant of Chancellor Ryu.

CKS Publication: Toward Democracy

January 1, 2021
Hyunjoo Kim, Yerim Kim, Boduerae Kwon, Hyeryoung Lee, Theodore Jun Yoo. Korea Research Monograph 38. IEAS Publications. | The authors of this volume offer analyses of a wide range of topics—from refugee displacement to street politics, from anti-communism and democracy to militarization—and discuss the links between cultural productions and their sociohistorical contexts.

CKS Publication: What Is Korean Literature?

March 1, 2020
Youngmin Kwon, Bruce Fulton. Korea Research Monograph 37. IEAS Publications. | This volume outlines the major developments, characteristics, genres, and figures of the Korean literary tradition. Both the classical and modern periods are covered.

CKS Publication: Gender and Class in Contemporary South Korea

April 17, 2019
Hae Yeon Choo, ed., John Lie, ed., Laura C. Nelson, ed. Transnational Korea 4. IEAS Publications. | This volume of essays by leading critical scholars examines gender and class in twenty-first-century South Korea from a transnational and intersectional perspective.

CKS Publication: Zainichi Literature

February 22, 2019
John Lie, ed. Transnational Korea 3. IEAS Publications. | This collection of translated works highlights a selection of writings in translation by Zainichi (diasporic Koreans in Japan).

CKS Publication: Rules of the House

November 1, 2018
Sungyun Lim. Global Korea 2. UC Press. | This book offers a dynamic revisionist account of the Japanese colonial rule of Korea (1910–1945) by examining the roles of women in the civil courts.

CKS Publication: Writing Revolution Across Northeast Asia

November 1, 2018
Steven S. Lee. Cross-Currents. Vol. 7, No. 2. University of Hawai'i Press | This special issue of Cross-Currents builds on existing scholarship by revisiting Russian and Soviet visions of revolution and their fraught, indelible imprint on China, Japan, and Korea.

CKS Publication: Parameters of Disavowal

June 1, 2018
Jinsoo An. Global Korea 1. UC Press. | Relating postcolonial discourses to a reading of Manchurian action films, kisaeng and gangster films, and revenge horror films, Parameters of Disavowal shows how filmmakers reworked, recontextualized, and erased ideas and symbols of colonial power.

CKS Publication: The Spread of the Korean Language

March 1, 2018
Clare You, ed. Yangwon Ha, ed. Transnational Korea 2. IEAS Publications. | This volume of essays examines the development of Korean language education in expatriate Korean communities, and the role that the Korean government has played in the spread of the Korean language abroad.

CKS Publication: The Changing Role of the Korean State

October 20, 2016
Hong Yung Lee, ed. Sunil Kim, ed. Logos Verlag Berlin. | The contributors of this edited volume delineate the shifting role of the Korean state from the developmental state, which led economic development by guiding investment in strategic industries through various means, to a slightly subtler role as a regulator, supervising the operation of the market in the changing economic environment.