CKS Publication: Writing Revolution Across Northeast Asia

Cross Currents Volume 7 Number 2 Journal Cover
November 1, 2018

Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review

Writing Revolution Across Northeast Asia

Steven S. Lee, Guest Editor (CKS Affiliated Faculty)
Cross-Currents Vol. 7, No. 2.
University of Hawai'i Press
2018. 305 pp.
ISSN 2158-9666
1 Year Print Subscription $50.00

This special issue of Cross-Currents builds on existing scholarship by revisiting Russian and Soviet visions of revolution and their fraught, indelible imprint on China, Japan, and Korea. Four of the five articles collected here focus on literary circulation-literature as a medium for tracing the entangled languages, ambitions, and sentiments at hand. If the special issue's first three articles use particular instances of literary circulation to point to new mappings of world literature, the two others reveal how such circulation enabled and continues to enable new understandings of nationhood. Whereas the first three articles provide us with an expanded understanding of what Karen Laura Thornber calls (with an emphasis on Japan) "intra-East Asian literary contact nebulae" (2009, 2), the final two provide us with ideological payoffs-namely, a sense of how international socialism and anarchism informed national self-articulation in the region. Taken as a whole, this special issue unearths a latent, variegated internationalism behind established authors and concepts-not to drape the interwar years with nostalgia or regret, but to articulate long-lost spatial and historical constellations geared toward reimagining the present.

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