Visiting Scholars

Updated as of September 9, 2022

Yuki Hayakawa

Yuki Hayakawa Appointment Dates: 08/16/2021–08/15/2023
Home Institution: Kwansei Gakuin University
Field: Public Administration
Research Topic: Comparative studies of regulatory policy and politics in Japan and the United States

Yasushi Harry Kigoshi

Yasushi Harry Kigoshi Appointment Dates: 04/01/2022-03/31/2023
Home Institution: Otani University
Field: Religious studies・Buddhist studies
Research Topic: Dialogic studies of Pure Land Buddhism and Christianity, Clinical Buddhist Studies

Gen Miyagaki

Gen Miyagaki Appointment Dates: 03/18/2022–03/17/2023
Home Institution: Keio University
Field: Sociology
Research Topic: Comparative studies on the organization structures and networks of the social sector in Japan and the U.S.

Yumiko Sankoji

Yumiko Sankoji Appointment Dates: 02/01/2022-09/15/2022
Home Institution: Wakayama University
Field: Accounting History
Research Topic: Historical consciousness in Buddhist thought and Accounting practice: The impact of Buddhism (Komyo-Shingon faith) on the accounting practices

Yuki Senda

Yuki Senda Appointment Dates: 06/04/2022-03/31/2023
Home Institution: Musashi University
Field: Sociology
Research Topic: Comparative Studies on Shared Custody after Divorce between Japan and the United States

Takayuki Ueda

Takayuki Ueda Appointment Dates: 11/04/2021–09/30/2022
Home Institution: LAB-01 Law Office
Field: Startup Business
Research Topic: How U.S. startups have strategically updated “rules” to bring about disruptive innovation.

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