Visiting Scholars

Updated as of July 12, 2021

Ryoko Hanada

Ryoko Hanada Appointment Dates: 03/01/2021-08/31/2021
Home Institution: Tokyo Woman's Christian University
Field: Clinical Psychology
Research Topic:  Commonalities and Differences in Listening Between Cultures

Rika Niikura

Rika Niikura Appointment Dates: 02/20/2021-10/30/2021
Home Institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Field: Architecture
Research Topic: Modern dwelling history of Southern California

Kentaro Noda

Kentaro Noda Appointment Dates: 09/01/2020–08/31/2021
Home Institution: Rikkyo University
Field: Commerce and Management
Research Topic: Comparative study of the effects of disclosing ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) information in the US and Japan

Hanayo Oya

Hanayo Oya Appointment Dates: 11/01/2019–10/31/2021
Home Institution: Independent Scholar
Field: Journalism
Research Topic:  Analyzing how the Status of Forces Agreement of the U.S. military has affected the criminal jurisdiction of host countries in East Asian countries and Europe.

Mika Tamai

Mika Tamai Appointment Dates: 05/31/2021–12/12/2021
Home Institution: Osaka University
Field: American Studies
Research Topic: Women's Jury Duty: The American Jury Trials in Okinawa under the U.S. Occupation after World War II

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