Visiting Scholars

Updated as of April 12, 2024

Tomonori Inukai

Tomonori Inukai Appointment Dates: 9/1/2022-8/31/2024
Home Institution: Chuo University
Field: Management of organization, Competitive strategy
Research Topic: My current research is on the mechanisms in organizations of Japanese companies undergoing digital transformation.

Hajime Kidera

Hajime Kidera Appointment Dates: 04/01/2024-03/31/2025
Home Institution: Meiji University
Field: Japanese Politics, Urban and Local Politics
Research Topic: A study of patterns of committee membership in local councils.

Soichiro Mitani

Soichiro Mitani Appointment Dates: 02/01/2024-01/31/2025
Home Institution: Konan University
Field: Public Administration
Research Topic: Comparative studies of knowledge management in the policy process between Japan and the United States.

Ryoko Oki

Ryoko Oki Appointment Dates: 03/01/2024-02/28/2025
Home Institution: Hosei University
Field: Industrial Organization, Antitrust Economics
Research Topic: Theoretical analysis of digital platform markets and competition policy for the markets; consumer survey on digital platform choice.

Yumiko Sankoji

Yumiko Sankoji Appointment Dates: 11/15/2023-11/14/2024
Home Institution: SBI Graduate School
Field: Accounting History Research
Research Topic: Religion and Accounting in Medieval Japan: Accounting materials by Kōmyō-kō-kata in Tōji Temple.

Lawrence Yoshitaka Shimoji

Lawrence Yoshitaka Shimoji Appointment Dates: 9/01/2023-8/31/2024
Home Institution: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Field: Sociology
Research Topic: From the perspective of Racial Formation Theory and Intersectionality, I am researching the history and experiences of mixed-race people called "Hafu" in Japan.

Naohisa Yahagi

Naohisa Yahagi Appointment Dates: 4/01/2024-3/31/2025
Home Institution: Keio University
Field: Strategy for System Designing, Models for Healthcare Innovation
Research Topic: Title Strengthening the Role of Universities in Supporting Startups in Japan.

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