Visiting Scholars

Updated as of October 3, 2019

Jun Kanazawa

Jun Kanazawa Appointment Dates: 09/01/2019–8/31/2020
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Applied Linguistics
Research Topic:  As a Fulbright and Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo, I have been studying Linguistics. My dissertation aims to analyze hedging expressions in Japanese and English and to reveal how hedging is used as a tool for persuasion.

Reiko Kitahara

Reiko Kitahara Appointment Dates: 04/01/2019–3/31/2021
Home Institution: Japan Women’s University
Field: Architecture and City Planning
Research Topic:  The function of Japantown in the settlement process of Japanese immigrants

Hiroaki Kuwajima

Hiroaki Kuwajima Appointment Dates: 06/09/2017–11/28/2020
Home Institution: Linkers Corporation
Field: Business Administration
Research Topic: Comparative analysis of Japanese firms in Silicon Valley

Hirokazu Matsumiya

Stone pattern Appointment Dates: 09/01/2017–12/31/2019
Home Institution: Gunma University
Field: Business Administration
Research Topic: Comparative studies of the U.S.-Japan economic, business and policy situations in government regulations

Kyoko Ohara

Kyoko Ohara Appointment Dates: 09/11/2019-12/15/2019
Home Institution: Keio University
Field: Linguistics
Research Topic:  Building a Japanese and English bilingual resource for humans and for natural language processing

Elizabeth Sharf

Elizabeth Sharf Appointment Dates: 11/24/2003–11/25/2019
Home Institution: Independent Scholar
Field: Asian Art History
Research Topic: Obaku Zen Portrait Painting

Takashi Shimizu

Takashi Shimizu Appointment Dates: 09/01/2019–8/31/2020
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Management and Business History
Research Topic:  Historical analysis of the relationship between corporate law and business practices in the U.S. and Japan

Hiroko Shoji

Hiroko Shoji Appointment Dates: 04/01/2019–3/31/2019
Home Institution: Seikei University
Field:  Literature
Research Topic:  Urban Gothicism in the Post-Diaspora Era: Toward a Transnational Literary Historiography

Naoki Sudo

Naoki Sudo Appointment Dates: 04/01/2019–3/31/2019
Home Institution: Gakushuin University
Field:  Law
Research Topic:  The effects of globalization and population aging over the past decade

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