Visiting Scholars

Updated as of August 12, 2020

Fumiaki Itakura

Fumiaki Itakura Appointment Dates: 10/01/2019–09/30/2020
Home Institution: Kobe University
Field: Film Studies
Research Topic: Historical reception of Asian films in the U.S.

Jun Kanazawa

Jun Kanazawa Appointment Dates: 09/01/2019–8/31/2020
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Applied Linguistics
Research Topic:  As a Fulbright and Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo, I have been studying Linguistics. My dissertation aims to analyze hedging expressions in Japanese and English and to reveal how hedging is used as a tool for persuasion.

Reiko Kitahara

Reiko Kitahara Appointment Dates: 04/01/2019–3/31/2021
Home Institution: Japan Women’s University
Field: Architecture and City Planning
Research Topic:  The function of Japantown in the settlement process of Japanese immigrants

Hiroaki Kuwajima

Hiroaki Kuwajima Appointment Dates: 06/09/2017–11/28/2020
Home Institution: Linkers Corporation
Field: Business Administration
Research Topic: Comparative analysis of Japanese firms in Silicon Valley

Kazuyo Nishihara

Kazuyo Nishihara Appointment Dates: 09/01/2019–06/30/2021
Home Institution: Kyoto University
Field: Anthropology
Research Topic: Environmental Archaeology. Interaction between environment and human in Neolithic East Asia. Comparative research through baskets making techniques and transition of lifestyles. 

Kentaro Noda

Kentaro Noda Appointment Dates: 09/01/2020–08/31/2021
Home Institution: Rikkyo University
Field: Commerce and Management
Research Topic: Comparative study of the effects of disclosing ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) information in the US and Japan

Hanayo Oya

Hanayo Oya Appointment Dates: 11/01/2019–10/31/2021
Home Institution: Independent Scholar
Field: Journalism
Research Topic:  Analyzing how the Status of Forces Agreement of the U.S. military has affected the criminal jurisdiction of host countries in East Asian countries and Europe.

Takaharu Saito

Takaharu Saito Appointment Dates: 08/01/2020–6/30/2021
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Law and Political Science
Research Topic: Relationship between the U.S. president and bureaucracy in rulemaking process.

Elizabeth Sharf

Elizabeth Sharf Appointment Dates: 11/24/2003–11/25/2020
Home Institution: Independent Scholar
Field: Asian Art History
Research Topic: Obaku Zen Portrait Painting

Yoshiko Wada

Yoshiko Wada Appointment Dates: 07/12/2020–06/12/2021
Home Institution: University of Leicester
Field: Museum Studies
Research Topic: Emergence of Boro Aesthetics: Japanese folk textile exhibitions, cultural interpretations and ethnographic realities in the age of anthropogenic environmental stress

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