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Yi Ding, Visiting Student Researcher
Appointment dates: 01/03/2022–05/31/2022
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Chinese Studies
Research topic: Chinese aesthetics: Focusing on the relationship between poetry and painting

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Takuya Furusawa, Visiting Student Researcher
Appointment dates: 08/15/2021–05/25/2022
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Political Science
Research topic: Ruling parties in South Caucasus

Takamasa Fukuoka, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 09/01/2021–08/31/2022
Home Institution: Hosei University
Field: Business Management
Research topic: Global Strategic Business Management :A Study of Top Management in Foreign-based Japanese Startups

Ryoko Hanada, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 03/01/2021-08/31/2021
Home Institution: Tokyo Woman's Christian University
Field: Clinical Psychology
Research topic: Commonalities and Differences in Listening Between Cultures

Jihye Kim, Visiting Student Researcher
Appointment dates: 01/04/2021–06/30/2021
Home Institution: Osaka University
Field: Traditional Performing Arts
Research topic: Comprehensive analysis of kabuki in the Meiji era: nostalgia to Edo cultures, modernization in compliance with Theater Reform Movement and canonization against the trend of modernization

Yuko Nakanishi, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 09/07/2021-03/25/2022
Home Institution: Musashi University
Field: Sociology
Research topic: Ethnic Network as Social Capital: Postwar Migrant Women from Japan and Their Social Networks in SF Bay Area

Rika Niikura, Visiting Student Researcher
Appointment dates: 02/20/2021-12/04/2021
Home Institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Field: Architecture
Research topic: Modern dwelling history of Southern California

Junyu Saito, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 08/31/2021–08/30/2022
Home Institution: Momoyama Gakuin University
Field: Business Administration
Research topic: An international comparative study on CSR and corporate value with a focus on corporate governance.

Mika Tamai, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 05/31/2021–10/01/2021
Home Institution: Osaka University
Field: American Studies
Research topic: Women's Jury Duty: The American Jury Trials in Okinawa under the U.S. Occupation after World War II

Akira Tsuji, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 08/16/2021–08/15/2022
Home Institution: Kindai University
Field: Political Science
Research topic: Comparison of local politics and political institutions between U. S. and Japan

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Lingzi Cai, Visiting Student Researcher
Appointment dates: 01/15/2020–03/15/2020
Home Institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Field: Engineering
Research topic: Community Origin and Development in East Asian Countries

Yohei Ishihara, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 01/20/2020–03/24/2020
Home Institution: Japan Sports Arbitration Agency
Field: Sports Law
Research topic: Sports organization Governance/Compliance & Applicability of ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) to sports disputes

Tatsuyuki Negoro, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 02/01/2020–07/08/2020
Home Institution: Waseda Business School
Field: Business Management
Research topic: ‘Winner take all (WTA) ‘phenomena in the US and Japanese platform businesses

Kentaro Noda, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 09/01/2020–08/31/2021
Home Institution: Rikkyo University
Field: Commerce and Management
Research topic: Comparative study of the effects of disclosing ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) information in the US and Japan

Sangjun Park, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 03/01/2020–06/01/2020
Home Institution: Osaka University
Field: Political Science
Research topic: Comparative study of intergovernmental relations at the sub-national level in the U.S. and Japan

Takaharu Saito, Visiting Student Researcher
Appointment dates: 08/01/2020–6/30/2021
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Law and Political Science
Research topic: Relationship between the U.S. president and bureaucracy in rulemaking process.

Yusuke Takasu, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 08/15/20- 03/31/21
Home Institution: Yokohama National University
Field: Business Administration
Research topic: Comparative study on the effects of corporate governance on corporate activities and market valuations in the US and Japan.

Yoshiko Wada, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 07/12/2020–06/12/2021
Home Institution: University of Leicester
Field: Museum Studies
Research topic: Emergence of Boro Aesthetics: Japanese folk textile exhibitions, cultural interpretations and ethnographic realities in the age of anthropogenic environmental stress

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