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Lingzi Cai, Visiting Student Researcher
Appointment dates: 01/15/2020–03/15/2020
Home Institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Field: Engineering
Research topic: Community Origin and Development in East Asian Countries

Yohei Ishihara, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 01/20/2020–03/24/2020
Home Institution: Japan Sports Arbitration Agency
Field: Sports Law
Research topic: Sports organization Governance/Compliance & Applicability of ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) to sports disputes

Fumiaki Itakura, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 10/01/2019 – 09/30/2020
Home Institution: Kobe University
Field: Film Studies
Research topic: Historical reception of Asian films in the U.S.

Jun Kanazawa, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 09/01/2019 – 08/31/2020
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Applied Linguistics
Research topic: As a Fulbright and Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo, I have been studying Linguistics. My dissertation aims to analyze hedging expressions in Japanese and English and to reveal how hedging is used as a tool for persuasion.

Tatsuyuki Negoro, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 02/01/2020–07/08/2020
Home Institution: Waseda Business School
Field: Business Management
Research topic: ‘Winner take all (WTA) ‘phenomena in the US and Japanese platform businesses

Tomoe Otsuki, Postdoctoral Scholar
Appointment dates: 01/02/2019–12/31/2020
Ph.D. Institution: University of Toronto, Canada
Dissertation: God and the Atomic Bomb: Nagasaki's Atomic Bomb Memory and Politics of Sacrifice, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Sangjun Park, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 03/01/2020–06/01/2020
Home Institution: Osaka University
Field: Political Science
Research topic: Comparative study of intergovernmental relations at the sub-national level in the U.S. and Japan

Elizabeth Sharf, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 11/24/2003–11/25/2020
Home Institution: Independent Scholar
Field: Asian Art History
Research topic: Obaku Zen Portrait Painting

Hiroko Shoji, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 04/01/2019–03/31/2020
Home Institution: Seikei University
Field: Literature
Research topic: Urban Gothicism in the Post-Diaspora Era: Toward a Transnational Literary Historiography

Naoki Sudo, Visiting Scholar
Appointment dates: 04/01/2019–03/31/2020
Home Institution: Gakushuin University
Field: Law
Research topic: The effects of globalization and population aging over the past decade

Tomohiro Uozumi, Visiting Student Researcher
Appointment dates: 11/01/2019–06/30/2020
Home Institution: The University of Tokyo
Field: Sociology
Research topic: Social theory of Community and Individualism in the American sociological tradition

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