Visiting Scholars Program

CJS Visiting Scholars


Thank you for your interest in UC Berkeley's Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) and its visiting scholar program. CJS invites applications from scholars who wish to conduct research relevant to faculty associated with the Center for Japanese Studies and who can participate in and contribute to the university's Japanese studies community. Potential applicants should take a moment read the application procedures detailed below before contacting CJS.

Each scholar invited to affiliate with the Center for Japanese Studies is expected to actively participate in the Center's programs. Scholars are asked to give talks based on their research at least once during their stay at Berkeley and should attend CJS-sponsored talks and seminars on a regular basis. All scholars are asked to submit a final report on the progress of their research, including copies of publications or drafts of papers completed during the period of their stay.

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Initial Appointments (including Transfers): 6 months before your desired start date. 

Extensions: 4 months before appointment end-date (extensions require approval of our CJS Visiting Scholar Committee and the scholar’s faculty sponsor).


Program Categories Requirements
All applicants

Pursue a program of research which is of mutual interest to and endorsed by the Center for Japanese Studies;


Length of stay must be at least one month in duration.

Visiting Scholars

Possess a Ph.D. or foreign equivalent conferred more than 5 years ago;


Possess a Ph.D. or foreign equivalent conferred less than 5 years ago but is currently holding a professorial tenure-track position, e.g., Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor;


Does not possess a Ph.D. but has substantial professional experience beyond a master's degree which permits the Center for Japanese Studies to certify to the authorizing unit that the individual functions at the level of a Ph.D. scholar.

Visiting Student Researchers Hold at least a Bachelor's degree and be currently enrolled in a degree-seeking graduate program


The Center for Japanese Studies recommends application fees to be paid via wire transfer or check drawn on a U.S. bank made payable to "U.C. Regents".

Instructions on Wiring Fees

Please make sure that the following information is provided in your bank wire:

  • Beneficiary: University of California Regents
  • Beneficiary Information: Center for Japanese Studies Visiting Scholar Fees

We recommend scholars use Wise to wire transfer money to UC Berkeley, however direct wire transfers from your bank are also OK. Please see the University's instructions on how to wire fees for a detailed breakdown of the procedure. Send a confirmation of the wire transfer to when it has been initiated. 




Application fee (must be paid before application will be processed)


J-1 Initial Processing fee (must be paid before application will be processed) 


J-1 Visa Extension Processing Fee (if applicable)


CJS Visiting Scholar Program Fee. This one-time fee covers the administrative costs of your appointment as a visiting scholar at our center. It also entitles you to certain privileges and services at CJS for the duration of your appointment.


University Services Fee. This entitles you to use the library facilities of the nine-campus UC library system, to audit classes with professors' permission, to use the university's wireless internet service, and to establish an e-mail account. Visiting Scholars pay $750 for the year, while Visiting Student Researchers pay $1000. These fees increase if you wish to extend your appointment for a second year. See our Program Extension page for more details. 


CJS Visiting Scholar Work Space Use Fee. This fee entitles you to a work space at our assigned Visiting Scholar carrel desks (depends on availability on your date of arrival) at our center for the duration of your appointment.

*CJS will be moving to another location on campus in May 2024. Office space will be limited, and may only be available on a first come, first served basis. 


J-1 Visa Expedite Processing Fee (if applicable)


J-1 Visa Deferral Fee (if applicable)


Visiting scholars and student researchers must secure a sponsor who is a CJS core faculty member. Tenure or tenure-track faculty members (professor, associate professor, or assistant professor) outside of CJS may be allowed if their research is more closely related to your own than one of our core faculty members. Information about CJS faculty can be found in the faculty directory.


  1. Visiting scholars are invited to attend CJS presentations, lectures, conferences, seminars, and other events.
  2. Visiting scholars are assigned a Berkeley email account and will gain access to campus libraries and online materials.
  3. Shared administrative support.
  4. Visiting scholars may rent a desk with access to printers and copy machines.
  5. Participation in a number of visiting scholar activities around the Bay Area.


The Center for Japanese Studies does not provide financial support for visiting scholars. Each visiting scholar applicant must provide proof of financial support. Funding may come from the scholar's home institution, a fellowship from a recognized international organization, or personal funds. In the case of institutional support, the funding organization must supply a letter of support that details total amount of funding, uses of funds, and date to which funding is guaranteed. The University of California requires all scholars to have at least $2000.00 per month of the proposed stay. Additional funds are required if the scholar plans to bring family members ($600.00 per month for spouse, and $400.00 per month, per child).


All domestic and international Visiting Scholars on the UC Berkeley campus are required to have health insurance for themselves and all accompanying dependents. Visiting Scholars are eligible to enroll in the UC Berkeley Visiting Scholar Benefit Plan (UCBVSBP), which is managed by Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. For detailed information and enrollment instructions, visit the University Health Services site.

Visiting Scholars who would like to arrive with their own insurance plan must have coverage that meets the minimum levels required by the US Department of State and UC Berkeley:

The minimum levels of coverage that must be offered through your own insurance are:

UCB’s requirements for minimum levels of health insurance coverage are:

  • $100,000 USD per accident & illness in medical coverage
  • Deductible cannot exceed $500 per accident or illness
  • Coinsurance cannot exceed 25%
  • Medical evacuation coverage must be at least $50,000 USD
  • Repatriation coverage must be at least $25,000 USD
  • Pre-existing conditions must be a covered benefit. The waiting period for benefit coverage cannot exceed 12 months
  • Carrier must be at least A- rated or backed by the full faith and credit of the Exchange Visitor's government

For instructions on how to enroll or waive out of UCBVSBP, go here.

For more information: