Emeritus Faculty



Patricia Berger (emerita)

Research Interests: Chinese Buddhist art, Asian architecture, sculpture and painting

Robert C. Berring Jr. (emeritus)

Research Interests: Chinese law, legal research

Mary Elizabeth Berry (emerita)

Research Interests: Japan, Kyoto during the sengoku period, the Confucian family orientation

Dana Buntrock (emerita)

Research Interests: Architectural practice in Japan, construction industy

Robert E. Cole (emeritus)

Research Interests: Japanese work organization, quality, organizational learning, knowledge management, organizational transformation

Lowell Dittmer (emeritus)

Research Interests: China, North and East Asian governments and politics

Thomas B. Gold (emeritus)

Research Interests: Chinese civil society, entrepreneurship, development

Nelson H.H. Graburn (emeritus)

Research Interests: Japan, kinship, art, tourism, circumpolar peoples

Susan Holloway (emerita)

Research Interests: Families and schooling within the United States and Japan

David G. Johnson (emeritus)

Research Interests: Premodern China, traditional Chinese popular culture


James Lincoln (emeritus)

Research Interests: Organizational design and innovation, Japanese management

Stanley Lubman (emeritus)

Research Interests: Chinese Law, administrative law

Susan Matisoff

Susan Matisoff (emerita)

Research Interests: Classical Japanese literature

Nancy Lee Peluso (emerita)

Research interests: Environmental sociology and political ecology, landscape history, migration and the environment; Indonesia, Malaysia

T.J. Pempel (emeritus)

Research Interests: Contemporary Japan, Asian regionalism, comparative politics, political economy

Kaiping Peng (emeritus)

Research Interests: Cultural psychology, reasoning and judgment across cultures

Eleanor H. Rosch (emerita)

Research Interests: Cognition, concepts, causality, cross-cultural, Eastern psychologies, psychologies of religion

Robert Spear (emeritus)

Research Interests: Human exposures to toxic agents in the environment

Bonnie Wade (emerita)

Research Interests: South and East Asia, ethnomusicology