In Memoriam-IEAS


Ahn, Joonhong


Nuclear Engineering; Fukushima disaster; Nuclear power in Japan

Aoki, Haruo


Japanese language pedagogy; Japanese linguistics; Nez Perce

Bellah, Robert 1927-2013 Sociology of religion; religious history of Japan
Bingham, Woodbridge 1901-1986

Chinese history, especially medieval history

Birch, Cyril 1925-2023

Chinese literature

Boodberg, Peter 1903-1972 Asian languages and literatures; philology and linguistics
Bosson, James 1933-2016 Mongolian, Tibetan, and Manchu Languages
Brown, Delmer 1909-2011 Japan history
Cahill, James 1926-2014 Chinese painting; Chinese and Japanese art history
Carr, Denzel 1900-1983 Asian languages and linguistics, especially Indonesian
Chang, Kun 1917-2017 Chinese historical phonology and dialectology
Chao, Yuen Ren 1892-1982 Chinese dialect studies; Chinese literature; translation
Chen, Shih-hsiang 1912-1971 Chinese and comparative literature
DeVos, George 1922-2010 Anthroplogy of Korea and Japan
Eberhard, Wolfram 1909-1989 Sociology of China; folklore of China
Fryer, John 1839-1928 Chinese studies, translation, book collecting.  First professor of Chinese at Berkeley
Hadler, Jeffrey 1968-2017 Southeast Asian studies; Indonesia
Hu, Teh-wei 1937-2020 Social security systems in Taiwan and China, technology transfer
Huff, Elizabeth 1912-1988 Curator, East Asian Library; bibliography and book conservation
Jamieson, John C. 1933-2022 Chinese literature
Johnson, Chalmers 1931-2010 Politics and history of China and Japan
Kallgren, Joyce 1930-2013 Politics of China; associate director of IEAS
Keightley, David 1932-2017 Ancient Chinese history; oracle bones; bronzes
Kuno, Yoshi 1865-1941 Japan studies, Japanese language
Lee, Hong Yung 1939-2017 Political Science of China and Japan
Lessing, Ferdinand 1882-1961 East Asian languages, including Manchu and Mongolian
Levenson, Joseph 1920-1969 Modern Chinese history
McCullough, William 1928-1997 Classical Japanese poetry and prose
McCullough, Helen 1918-1998 Classical Japanese poetry and prose
McCune, George 1908-1948 Korean history; Korean language
Motofuji, Francis 1919-2007 Japanese language and literature; Japanese film
Rogers, Michael 1923-2005 Korean studies; early Chinese historiographical texts
Rose, Leo 1926-2005 South Asia Studies, Editor of Asian Survey
Scalapino, Robert 1919-2011 Politics of East Asia:  China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Southeast Asia.  Founding Director of IEAS.
Schafer, Edward 1913-1991 Medieval Chinese culture and literature; philology
Scheiner, Irwin 1931-2021 Japan, Far East, intellectual, social, late Tokugawa
Schurmann, Franz 1926-2010 20th century Chinese history; communism
Service, John 1909-1999 Chinese diplomacy
Shively, Donald 1921-2005 Japanese studies; Early Modern Japanese texts; Former Director of the East Asian Library.
Smith, Thomas 1916-2001 History of Modern Japan
Strickmann, Michel 1942-1994 Early medieval China; Daoism
Wakeman, Frederic 1937-2006 Modern Chinese history
Williams, Joanna 1939-2022 South and Southeast Asian art