IEAS Publications

A Pure and Remote View Lectures by James Cahill

1. Introduction and Pre-Han Pictorial Art

2. Han Painting and Pictorial Designs

3. Six Dynasties Painting and Pictorial Designs

4A. Tang Dynasty Figure Painting

4B. Tang Dynasty Landscape Painting

Lecture 5 - Five Dynasties Painting: Reliable Works

Lecture 6 - Five Dynasties Painting: The Great Landscape Masters

Lecture 7A: Early Northern Song Landscape

Lecture 7B: Late Northern Song Landscape and Guo Xi

Lecture 8A: Noblemen Painters of Late Northern Song

Lecture 8B: Literati Painters of Northern Song

Lecture 9A: Li Tang and His Followers

Lecture 9B: Political and Poetic Themes in Southern Song Painting

Lecture 10A: Bird-and-Flower Painting: The Early Centuries

Lecture 10B: Bird-and-Flower Painting: Emperor Huizong and After

11A - Great Masters of Southern Song: Ma Yuan

11B - Great Masters of Southern Song: Xia Gui

11C - Ma Lin and Others: The Lyric Journey

11D - From Academy to Chan: Liang Kai

12A - Paintings of the North: The Jin Dynasty

12B - The Beginnings of Chan (Zen) Painting and Muqi

12C - Six Persimmons

12D - Sōgenga and Chan Landscapes

Arguing the Aftermath: Postlude to A Pure and Remote View

Addendum 1A. Freer Medal Acceptance Address

Addendum 1B. Riverbank: The Controversy

Addendum 2A. Notes on Judging Authenticity and Dating

Addendum 2B. Riverbank: A Closer Look