Visiting Scholars

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CSEAS can sponsor Visiting Scholars or Visiting Student Researchers for periods of three months up to one year. Visiting status can be renewed once for a total term in residence of two years. No extensions beyond this two-year limit are accepted. Visiting positions carry full privileges at the university, including library and gym access and an e-mail account.

Visiting Scholars or Student Researchers must be in residence in Berkeley during their tenure. They must be engaged in an active research project requiring the use of campus facilities, and are expected to participate in CSEAS events and to be involved with the university’s community of faculty, students and scholars interested in Southeast Asia.

Restrictions: Visiting Scholars must either have a Ph.D. granted more than five years prior to the term of the appointment starting or, if without an advanced degree, have demonstrated significant contributions to the field of Southeast Asian Studies. Foreign visitors must apply for a J-1 U.S. visa as part of their application, and demonstrate facility in English.

Visiting Student Researcher applications are accepted from graduate students at the dissertation stage.

Additional information on the university's application process and requirements is available through the office of Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA). 

The central campus charges administrative fees for affiliation and for initiating any necessary visa applications. CSEAS charges a $5,000 fee for affiliation.

Scholars who wish to apply for a visiting scholar or research appointment should submit a cover letter to CSEAS outlining the requested period of residence and the current research project, a current curriculum vitae and a statement of financial support and funding sources. All correspondence should be in English. Acceptance as a Visiting Scholar is not final until approved by the campus administration.