Events & Outreach

CSEAS organizes public events such as lectures, conferences, workshops and film screenings about Southeast Asia each academic year. The center also sponsors K-14 teacher training and professional development during the year.

Upcoming Conferences

April 14-15, 2023
Networks and Knowledge in Southeast Asia

This conference is jointly hosted by the Center for Southeast Asia Studies at UC Berkeley and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at UCLA. See conference website for more information. Keynote speaker: Jack Meng-Tat Chia, Assistant Professor of History and Religious Studies, National University of Singapore

Past Conferences

February 2021
Ethnic and Community Identity in Southeast Asia
Organized by the UC Berkeley-UCLA Consortium National Resource Center for Southeast Asia
Keynote speaker: Prof. Ardeth Thawnghmung (University of Massachusetts-Lowell) 

April 2018
Migrations and New Mobilities in Southeast Asia
Organized by the UC Berkeley-UCLA Consortium National Resource Center for Southeast Asia and the Asian Institute at the University of Toronto
Keynote speaker: Anis Hidayah, Migrant Care (Indonesia)

October 2016
Nation-Building in War: The Experience of Republican Vietnam, 1955-1975
Organizers: Peter Zinoman, Professor of History, UC Berkeley; Tuong Vu, Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon; Nu-Anh Tran, Assistant Professor of History, University of Connecticut

April 2016
Making Southeast Asian Culture: From Region to World
Organized by the UC Berkeley-UCLA Consortium National Resource Center for Southeast Asia
Keynote speaker: Prof. Melani Budianta (University of Indonesia)

February 2016
Thinking Beyond Boundaries: Around the Work of Benedict Anderson 
Organized by CSEAS as a special event to honor the legacy of the late Prof. Benedict O’G. Anderson (1936-2015), an important figure in the field of Southeast Asian Studies. Co-sponsored by the Department of English, Department of Rhetoric, Institute of International Studies, Townsend Center for the Humanities, and the Dean of Arts & Humanities.

Special Programs

UC/CSU Network for Southeast Asian Studies

One of the main goals for the UC Berkeley-UCLA National Resource Center for Southeast Asian Studies is to promote academic research on Southeast Asia happening at the state’s public universities, within the University of California and California State University systems. To date, this objective has primarily supported hosting talks by faculty from different UC and CSU campuses for guest lectures (including faculty from UCLA to UC Berkeley and vice versa), hosting conferences on themes that highlight current issues of interest to UC and CSU faculty and graduate students, and holding dissertation workshops for UC graduate students.  

Islam Today

A program on Islam in Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Middle East was co-organized by CSEAS with UC Berkeley's Institute for South Asia Studies and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies during the 2009-2010 academic year, with funding support from the Social Science Research Council. The program highlighted youth culture, the arts and new media in the Muslim world. The program website includes a general introduction to Islam in these three world regions with suggestions for further reading and other relevant links.