Doe Library

UC Berkeley is home to one of the strongest Southeast Asian collections in the country, with holdings maintained in the main stacks of Gardner/Doe Library and in subject specialty libraries around campus.

The South/Southeast Asian Library (S/SEAL), located in Doe Library, serves as the main reference center for Southeast Asian social sciences and humanities. S/SEAL maintains an extensive reference collection of bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, atlases, directories, statistical annuals and core works in its reading room. 

The Ethnic Studies Library maintains primary and secondary source holdings relevant to the experiences of the Southeast Asian diaspora in the U.S., while the Bancroft Library includes special collections on Southeast Asia. These collections include the Barrows collection on the Philippines; the Briggs collection on Indonesia, Indochina, and the Malay Peninsula; and the McFarland archive on Thailand and Cambodia. The library also holds invaluable materials on the Philippines collected by R. F. Barton, Alfred Kroeber, and Bernard Moses in the first half of the twentieth century.