CKS Conference: Korean Literature in the World

International Conference on Korean Literature: Korean Literature in the World


Interest in the globalization of Korean literature has grown steadily since the mid-1990s. The emergence of the Korea Foundation, in particular, made possible an expanding range of support for Korean Studies projects overseas as well as international cultural exchanges. With the launch of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (KLTI) in 2000, projects for translating and publishing Korean literary works abroad began to flower both in quantity and quality. Since the mid-1990s, Korean literature courses have been established at major foreign universities, and research and education in Korean literature is today increasingly common. Korean lectures and colloquiums on Korean literature held at major universities around the world, including the United States, have had a major impact on the introduction of Korean literature to international readers.

For this international conference on ‘Korean Literature in the World’, the Center for Korean Studies at UC Berkeley has invited professors from Korea and various universities around the world currently engaged in teaching Korean Studies and Korean Literature. The current status of Korean literary education and research in each region of the world, to be reported through this conference, will help those in the field seek new directions for Korean literature’s development on the global stage. It is certain that the formation of close ties and active scholarly exchanges among Korean and foreign scholars will improve the quality of research and education in Korean literature and enrich its content. We hope all the conference attendees will actively share their valued information, participate in productive discussions, and share lots of good ideas and opinions for the development of Korean literature. This group of scholars—difficult to gather in one place—sheds light on the way in which Korean Literary Studies and Education are to promote the globalization of Korean Literature.


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